Implementing Flexible and Future-Proof Machine Communication

The term Internet of Things (IoT) describes an essential process: Distributed field data is collected, processed and then made available to different users as needed for further analysis. The added value resulting from networking different machines in a production facility becomes apparent in a specific application – be it through increased energy efficiency, more efficient deployment of service technicians thanks to remote maintenance, or new business models. Using WAGO's software and hardware solutions, your machine communications become flexible and future-proof, and you can consistently take advantage of all the benefits of digitalization.

Industrial Cloud

Unlike the business or private cloud, the industrial cloud is highly specialized to map industrial applications: It is about networking controllers and digitalizing processes, machines, systems and buildings (assets). Above all, flexible solutions are required because the asset data must often be communicated into a different, predetermined infrastructure.

IoT and Edge Computing

When real-time data is involved, data processing has become increasingly important. More and more computing power is needed, placing corresponding demands on databases, as well as analysis and optimization algorithms, directly in the field.



When it comes to optimizing your own machines or systems, the challenge is usually improving and quantifying process knowledge and transferring results back into the process. WAGO Analytics, a Minden-based company, supports users on the path from data acquisition to analysis and provides intuitive visualization of the dependencies within systems.


A major challenge today is making the large number of existing systems IoT-capable. We can do this with our open automation platform.

Jürgen Pfeifer | Business Development | IoT & Cloud Partner Manager

IoT Use Cases

IoT Use Cases Directly from Practice

Industrial IoT as the Basis for Product Lifecycle Management

Networking with the Industrial IoT (IIot) is the prerequisite for many data-based applications, such as modern product lifecycle management (PLM). The PLM Innovation department has developed a solution for this. It offers additional values that go beyond the binding of a production machine.

Industrial Thermal Cameras Detect Elevated Body Temperature

Thermal cameras are often used in early hazard detection and are also helpful in occupational medicine. Thus, the cameras can detect a noticeable deviation in a person's body temperature – an example being a slight fever at Covid-19. Companies use this technology to control turnstiles that automatically trigger an alarm upon detecting a sick person.

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Product Overview

Products and Technologies for Your Applications


PFC200 Controller

Thanks to CODESYS 3 and Linux®, the efficient controller for your automation – including higher cyber security standards for dependable design, control and visualization of your project.


WAGO Touch Panels 600

WAGO’s high-performance Touch Panels for demanding control and visualization tasks improve the operability of machines and systems while offering an outstanding design and advanced technology.

WAGO Edge Controllers and Computers

Intelligent processes are requiring more and more computing power, and this places corresponding demands on databases directly in the field. WAGO offers the right hardware for any edge application.

WAGO Cloud

WAGO Cloud allows you to centrally collect and analyze data from different machines and systems. Furthermore, you can manage and monitor all WAGO controllers, including your data and applications. With simple, user-friendly functions, WAGO Cloud was developed for users without extensive IT experience.

Secure Networking with Cloud Connectivity

It’s all about data: In the past, the technical data from the field made it through to the control levels at best. That’s changed now. Thanks to modern information technology, the most important information from production is no longer restricted to the classical automation pyramid, but is now available at any time and place. However, the technical conditions must be right for this. The WAGO PFC Controllers are equipped with cloud connectivity and transfer data to the WAGO Cloud – or to any other MQTT broker.


The WAGO IoT Box is the perfect solution for connecting new and existing systems. Integrating machines and systems into the “Internet of Things” is incredibly simple with WAGO’s IoT Box. The complete system is ready for immediate use and offers all the functions required for digitization, from signal acquisition to cloud connectivity.

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