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News 26 August 2020
Mini Terminal Block – A Real Space Genius

At a Glance

  • Nominal cross-section: 1 (1.5) mm2, rated current: 13.5 (17.5) A, rated voltage: 500 V

  • Custom mounting options

  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination


Mounting Options

WAGO's Mini Terminal Blocks offer several mounting options for exceptional flexibility. They can be mounted directly on a 15 x 5.5 mm DIN-rail or on a mounting plate with a flange or snap-in mounting foot.

Select your mounting option:

DIN-15 Rail Mounting

  • With an operating slot or push-button
  • Ground (direct) contact

Mounting Plate via Snap-In Mounting Foot

  • With an operating slot or push-button
  • Mounting plate width: 0.6 mm (min.) / 1.2 mm (max.)

Mounting Plate via Mounting Flange

  • With an operating slot or push-button
  • Mounting via M4 screw

Actuation Types

WAGO's Mini Terminal Blocks are available with two actuation types: Terminal blocks with push-buttons or operating slots–either type allows direct termination via Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connections.



  • Use of any standard hand tool.
  • The orange color highlights the actuator, giving users a clear overview at a glance.
  • The push-button has become synonymous with convenience, making it the industry’s go-to solution for in-the-field wiring.

Operating Slot

  • The tool stays in the operating slot – both hands are free for wiring.

  • After insertion, the operating tool marks the clamping point and keeps it open.


The WAGO Mini Terminal Block is the smallest version within the TOPJOB® S portfolio. And because they're part of the family, all of the industry-trusted TOPJOB® S accessories are also compatible with the Mini Terminal Blocks:

  • Range of jumpers: The standard TOPJOB® S Jumpers can be used. For example, use the pre-assembled jumpers for a star connection (2000-405/011-000) or a delta connection (2000-406/011-000).
  • Marking strip: WAGO’s continuous marking strip enables time- and cost-saving marking – up to three lines at once.

Thanks to their compact design, WAGO's miniature terminal blocks are tremendous space-savers and perfect for use in confined spaces.

Burkhard Niemann, Product Manager at WAGO