Current Transformers and Voltage Taps

Anywhere high currents are measured and processed, WAGO's current transformers are your first choice. Voltage taps also easily and safely tap the measurement voltage in existing systems.

Your benefits:

  • Safe, secure wiring with CAGE CLAMP® Connection Technology
  • Full range of products for new systems, as well as for retrofitting existing installations
  • Coordinated components for your energy data management

Product Overview

New Product

WAGO Energy Meters (MID)

Your Benefits:

  • Record values for active and reactive energy, mains frequency, as well as current, voltage and power for all phases
  • Applications with consumption billing are possible through compliance with MID directive 2014/32/EU
  • Professional communication thanks to the M-Bus and Modbus® interface and two S0 pulse outputs
  • Intuitive configuration through touch-sensitive controls and configuration app via Bluetooth®
  • Full transparency with an illuminated full-format display
  • Saving time at every level thanks to Push-in CAGE CLAMP® and levers
  • Slim design conserves valuable control cabinet space

An All-in-One Solution from a Single Source

WAGO Current Transformers and Energy Meters (MID)

Plug-in current transformers for billing measurement join WAGO’s range of current and energy measurement solutions. These transformers comply with the conformity assessment procedure (module D) and are perfect for combination with the new WAGO Energy Meters (MID) to form a complete solution. A quick-mount kit allows easy, cost-effective installation. A large number of mounting options give users tremendous flexibility. The new plug-in current transformers are used in applications where the current of large consumers cannot be measured directly. A real-world example is measuring manufacturing machines’ energy consumption in order-related production or when individually billing the energy consumption of each tenant in distributed properties.

The Benefits for You:

  • Approved for billing purposes
  • Ideal for combination with the energy meter and transformer connection
    (Item No. 879-3040)
  • Screwless CAGE CLAMP® connection technology

Our Products from the Current Transformer and Voltage Tap Range

Rogowski Coils

WAGO's 855 Series Rogowski Coils feature a closed-air coil with a non-magnetic split core and reliably convert AC currents.


  • Reduced footprint – ideal for measuring high currents via split core
  • Easy to use via bayonet lock and anchor points for cable ties
  • Higher security via sealable bayonet lock
  • Direct connection of Rogowski coils to the 3-phase power measurement module (750-495/000-002)
  • Ready for worldwide use in many industries, thanks to UL listing

Plug-In Current Transformers with picoMAX® Connection Technology

  • Easy secondary cable installation via pluggable picoMAX® Connection Technology
  • Space-saving assembly directly above the circuit breaker, thanks to side latches for optimum serial mounting
  • UL listed

Split-Core Current Transformers

  • Compact split-core current transformers – ideal for retrofitting existing systems
  • No current path interruption
  • Easy and cost-effective installation via cable ties
  • Transformer leg (855-5xxx) can be completely removed if space is tight

Plug-In Current Transformers with CAGE CLAMP® Connection Technology

  • Screwless CAGE CLAMP® Connection Technology
  • Quick-mount kit for easy and cost-effective installation
  • Tremendous versatility thanks to several mounting options
  • Easy transformer short-circuiting via redundant secondary terminals S1 and S2
  • UL listed

Voltage Taps for Insulated Conductors

WAGO's 855 Series Voltage Taps easily and safely tap the measurement voltage in existing systems. Conductor contact is made via IDC connection for fast voltage tap-off.

Your benefits with our voltage taps:

  • Safely tap the measurement voltage with just one turn
  • Tool-free insulation displacement connection guarantees secure installation
  • 2 A fuse (5 x 25 mm) possible
  • For insulated conductors up to 16 mm² (6 AWG)

Voltage Taps for Busbars

The Benefits for You:

  • Fast, easy installation on a live busbar with clamp mount or M6/M8 mounting
  • Various marking options for clear identification
  • Universal conductor termination via Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connection technology
  • Fused voltage path protects downstream measurement devices

Current and Voltage Tap

A combination of current transformer and voltage tap, WAGO's current and voltage tap can be quickly and easily mounted into the jumper slot of the 95 mm2 (4/0 AWG) high-current through terminal block (285-195).


  • Power data can be directly tapped into the power supply
  • Integrated 25 A/1 A current transformer
  • Complies with accuracy class 0.5 per EN 61869-2 for exact measurement results
  • Fused voltage path protects downstream measurement devices

Current and Voltage Signal Conditioners and Power Measurement Modules

Besides current and voltage signal conditioners which record DC and AC currents and voltages, this impressive range also includes a power measurement module that can measure current and voltage in parallel, convert them to power and output them as an analog standard signal. Additionally, WAGO’s signal conditioner for Rogowski coils offers a solution for retrofitting existing systems. Thus it is not necessary to disconnect the live conductor. The new WAGO 3-Phase Power Measurement Module measures all relevant parameters in a three-phase supply network – voltage, current, power, harmonics, etc. – from within the control cabinet.

Your Benefits:

  • Signal acquisition of DC and AC voltages up to 300 VAC/VDC using modules that are just 6 mm wide
  • AC currents up to 4000 A via Rogowski coil
  • Switchable filter function to prevent signal interference
  • A digital signal output (DO) reacts to freely configurable measurement range limits (this allows use as a threshold value switch – with activation/deactivation delay).

Light Monitoring with WAGO's 2857-550 Current Signal Conditioner

3-Phase Power Measurement Modules

The power measurement modules in a DIN-rail mounting enclosure offer the ideal solution for measuring currents and voltages in a three-phase supply network remotely from the control level. Measured variables such as active/apparent/reactive power, energy consumption, power factor, phase angle and frequency can be accessed via Modbus® interface. Two integrated RJ45 sockets streamline the interconnection of up to 32 devices.

The Benefits for You:

  • Measurement via current transformers or Rogowski coils: Flexible selection of upcoming measurement tasks
  • Slot for microSD cards: Fast and secure mobile measurement, including recording
  • Compact device in DIN-rail-mount enclosure: Saves space in building technology
  • Modbus® Interface (RS-485): Provision of the measured values via Modbus®
  • Digital signal output as pulse output (pulses/kWh are configurable): Continuous energy consumption monitoring

Power Measurement with the 3-Phase Power Measurement Module (2857-570/024-001)

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Compact Transformer Terminal Blocks

Pre-assembled terminal block assembly for easy connection and short-circuiting of current transformers, suitable for 3-phase power measurement modules

Compact Transformer Terminal Blocks

The simple solution to reliably short-circuit current transformers that are not directly wired to a load. Also available for 3-phase circuits.


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