Smart Data – Linking and Using Available Data More Intelligently


On the Way to Digitized Ordering and Production Processes

More and more, ordering and production processes are being digitized and automated – this saves costs and time while avoiding unnecessary additional expenses. Here, consistency and transparency along the entire value added chain are important. WAGO can help you with expertise, products and solutions to make your processes more intelligent and raise profitability.

All-Around Support

With smartDATA Engineering, WAGO offers a solution that assists users from planning and design, through engineering, up to testing and commissioning.

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Digitized Value-Added Chain

PLM, ERP, MES: With these software technologies, ordering and production processes will be increasingly digitized and automated. WAGO has been working towards the smart factory since 2000 to comprehensively digitize its value-added chain.

Cloud Connectivity

Networking with the Cloud

Cloud solutions have become popular industry staples. Cloud-based solutions link the real and digital worlds and simplify cross-site networking.


Mastering Industry 4.0

Besides new technology, Industry 4.0 also means that companies must develop new business models. WAGO can help you in this transition with tailored products and solutions.


Protecting Intelligent Connections

As digitization progresses, it is vital that production data receives a high degree of protection. WAGO helps you secure valuable data with smart products and solutions.


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