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DALI MSensor 02 5DPI 41rs (표면 설치)

PU (SPU): 1 Piece
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The WAGO DALI MSensor 02 is used with WAGO DALI Modules (753-647 DALI Multi-Master Module or 750-641DALI/DSI Module).

It has been designed for the following principal applications:

- Individual offices

- Open-plan offices

- Training/presentation rooms

- Corridors, passageways and garages

The Multi-Sensor features both motion and light detection. As an option, the sensor can be operated via remote control (from Tridonic). The sensor enables both motion detection and daylight-dependent lighting control; both of which can also be deactivated.

Addressing is performed via rotary switch or WAGO DALI Configurator.

Parameters can be adjusted individually via WAGO DALI Configurator.

Power supply is provided via DALI line.

The number of sensors, which can be operated on a DALI line, depends on the total power consumption of the specific devices and address range for the actuators and sensors. Due to the capacity of the DALI bus, a maximum of 16 DALI sensor couplers must be operated on the DALI Multi-Master Module (753-647).

Installation notes:

- The DALI MSensor 02 is supplied directly via DALI line.

- DALI is not SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage). The installation instructions for mains voltage therefore apply.

- The detection range of the sensor must be within the lighting area of the controlled luminaires.

- The detection ranges of the sensors must not overlap as this may influence the lighting control.

- When installed at a height other than the recommended installation height (2.5 m), the presence and light sensor might show different characteristics. When mounted at a higher level, its sensitivity is reduced. If mounted at a lower level, its range is diminished.

- Heaters, fans, printers and copiers located in the detection range may cause incorrect presence detection.

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Technical Data

Current consumption typ. 6 mA from DALI line
Power supply via DALI line

Material Data

Weight 90 g

Environmental Requirements

Surrounding air (operating) temperature 0 … 50 °C
Surrounding air (storage) temperature -25 … 55 °C
Degree of protection IP20

Commercial data

Packaging type BOX
Country of origin SK
GTIN 4050821708384
Customs Tariff No. 90318080000