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Lighting Management

WAGO Lighting Management is the sophisticated solution for lighting control in large spaces such as production facilities and warehouses. Using a combination of predefined hardware and user-friendly software, WAGO offers a lighting management system that facilitates design and commissioning of new lighting systems while providing numerous additional advantages for their operation.

WAGO Lighting Management:

  • Configuring Instead of Programming

  • Easy Handling and Commissioning

  • Modern HTML 5 Graphical User Interface

Lighting Management with WAGO

The Intelligent Solution for Lighting Controllers

Overview of Functions

Lighting Management from WAGO offers you the following functions:

  • Optimal lighting control through intelligent regulation and control, based on switching and dimming, for instance
  • Constant light control, daylight control, Human Centric Lighting (HCL), time function etc.
  • Predefined hardware, including interfaces for DALI, EnOcean, KNX and predefined software
  • Energy consumption data acquisition; comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance options
  • Color temperature control (HCL) with additional curves for the dimming value and setpoint (lux)
  • Time switching program with a room function selection option for each schedule entry


Stay in Control of Your System

Modern lighting management offers more than mere reductions in energy and costs – it combines cost-efficiency and resource conservation with user comfort and flexibility. WAGO Lighting Management is a proven solution based on predefined hardware and preconfigured software, which greatly simplifies planning, commissioning and operation.

The basic idea: WAGO Lighting Management is oriented towards the different lighting requirements that apply in warehouses and production facilities. For this purpose, a production facility is divided into virtual rooms in which the light can be easily adapted. Each virtual room receives signals from sensors and actuators in order to automatically set the appropriate light intensity. Virtual rooms allow both conversions and room remodeling to be implemented quickly and simply via Web configuration.

High-Quality Hardware

The hardware side is based on WAGO’s new PFC200 Controller and the DALI-2 module from the WAGO I/O System 750. Each module can integrate up to 64 DALI lights, 16 DALI sensors and 16 DALI transmitters into the system. Since the number of I/O modules is variable, WAGO Lighting Management can be used for small production facilities or large logistics centers. Additional I/O modules can also be linked to the controller, such as three-phase power measurement modules, a module for GPS-based time synchronization and radio receiver modules for EnOcean radio switches.


The Best Hardware for Your Lighting Management System

State-of-the-Art Software

However, the pre-programmed application and easy configuration via a Web-based interface are what really make WAGO Lighting Management a powerful and user-friendly solution. During both commissioning and operation, all settings can be made with the click of a mouse button – no programming required. Since the graphical user interface can be accessed via HTTPS and a standard browser, there is no need for local software installation. The Web visualization, based on HTML5, makes this work especially convenient. All configuration settings and parameters can be saved and restored. The values can be forwarded to a higher-level building control system or to a production control center via Modbus TCP/IP. On the input screen, dialogs are pre-populated with default settings for basic parameters, and operating states are displayed. An additional optional user interface for operation and monitoring allows state-of-the-art visualization and operation of the entire lighting system, for ongoing operation too, via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

WAGO Lighting Management in Use

Video Tutorials

Videos:10 | Duration: 32:23
Video Tutorials
Videos:10 | Duration: 32:23

Economical Room Automation

The planning, implementation and operation of a building must demonstrate both maximum efficiency and a high degree of adaptability.


HVAC Technology for the Systems of the Future

Heating and cooling applications account for more than 55 % of total energy consumption. The energy transition leads directly to the boiler room. You can rely on WAGO’s solutions for the ventilation systems of tomorrow.