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Laboratory Tests for Greater Quality and Reliability

To use terminal blocks globally, they must satisfy certain standards and obtain test certificates.

These requirements apply to every manufacturer. WAGO also conducts its own tests to increase standards and offer greater reliability with its products. Products undergo different mechanical, electrical and climatic test processes, from which we will present a few examples.

For More Safety:

  • Pull-out test
  • Vibration test
  • Shock test
  • Voltage drop test under bending stress

WAGO Test Lab

This means that WAGO's products can be used safely and reliably both on the European market and anywhere in the world for a wide variety of applications. We place great value on this, starting in the development phase. As a result, we can present verifiably high levels of product safety and reliability while ensuring the fulfillment and accuracy of technical data, which are the highest priorities for our customers and users worldwide.

On December 22, 2009, our test lab was accredited by the German Accreditation Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akkreditierung GmbH) in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Pull-Out Test (per EN 60947-7-1, EN 60998-2-2)

In the pull-out force test, a conductor is pulled on until it is removed from the clamping unit.
The design of the terminals means that extraction only occurs after the standard pull-out force has been exceeded many times over.

Vibration Test (per IEC/EN 60068-2-6)

Depending on the application, such as railway (per EN 61373) or marine (per GL, LR, DNV), there are various testing requirements to determine if the long-term effects of vibrations degrade electrical connections. The test specimen is subjected to different loads on three axes in an electrodynamic vibration system. The amplitude, the acceleration and, in particular, the frequency of the vibration vary during the test. The test values are increased multiple times over the standard values to meet specific customer requirements.

Shock Test (per IEC/EN 60068-2-27)

The shock test is very similar to the vibration test except that single shocks are applied to the test specimen, instead of continuous vibrations. Shock tests are usually performed, for example, at an acceleration of 20g over a period of 11 ms. Tests for special requirements often call for much higher values and are also conducted in our laboratory. Single-deck TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks, for example, pass shock tests up to500 g.

Voltage Drop Test under Bending Stress (per EN 60947-7-1, EN 60999-1)

The voltage drop test under bending stress simulates mechanical stress on the clamping unit. In everyday use, this stress can occur during installation, for example, when an electrician shoves connected conductors to the side in order to access a specific component. The quality of the clamping unit when moving a connected conductor can be validated by the constantly stable measured value of the voltage drop.

Quality at WAGO

Approvals and Certificates in Detail


Approved Quality

WAGO sets high standards. Our environmental management system is certified per ISO 14001 – many of our products and activities have also received certificates.

Guidelines and Regulations

Standards for Your Safety

Confirmed: All WAGO products fulfill the legal requirements as well as our own strict standards. We would be happy to inform you about select norms.


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Certificates and Approvals

Constructed, tested, approved: WAGO’s products are certified for use in a great variety of industries and sectors worldwide. And all of the certificates are available for download.



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