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Cooperation: Community Engagement

Our commitment goes beyond our core business.

In the past, both strategic corporate alliances and individual employee campaigns have contributed to the preservation and promotion of regional industries. We intend to continue these efforts. That is why we support the charter “Taking Responsibility, Sustained Engagement, Interconnected Action” of the National Network for Civil Society (BBE) and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Taking responsibility:

  • Regional, national and global engagement
  • Exchange of ideas and cooperation
  • Employee campaigns

Our Responsibility

For the Community

The most important issues for us in connection with community activity promoting regional infrastructure, exchanging ideas with the community and expanding possibilities for all through through appropriate networks and partnerships.

Actively Serving Germany

Our company is deeply rooted in the community. This is grounded in the tradition of our family-owned company and closely connected to the personal commitment of our partners and business managers. Among our current projects is the “Minden Refugee Partners” network, which WAGO helped establish. Companies, service clubs and educational organziations have all banded together to support projects that help integrate our new fellow citizens. We also play a supporting role in the “Refugees MINT Integration” projectspearheaded by the Association of German Engineers, Ostwestfalen-Lippe (VDI OWL). Furthermore, our employees at both German locations participate in blood drives and the German Bone Marrow Donor Database (DKMS) registration campaigns, which we organize in Minden and Sondershausen.

Committed to Youth: WAGO Minden

WAGO Minden is also highly committed to supporting the next generation. For example, we support the “Löwenzahn” kindergarten. In collaboration with regional high schools and colleges, we also organize regular events to encourage young people who are pursuing technical careers and guiding them in career selection. For example, we have an annual “Occupational Training Day” where we provide a glimpse inside our company and the various training and educational opportunities available. The WAGO Foundation and our cooperation with the “Future Training in Mühlenkreis” association (ZAM e. V.) allow us to promote training in our region and give more young people the opportunity to enter a training program. Our trainees themselves are involved in a project for the Mindener Tafel (“Minden Table”) association.

Digital Site Promotion for Minden

At the end of 2016, the city of Minden was recognized for its digital project. The Westfalen-Lippe Savings Bank Association (Sparkassenverband) awarded the tourism innovation prize for the combination of free WLAN, the Beacon Mile, an app, a digital marketplace and QR codes. As a partner of Minden Marketing GmbH (MMG), WAGO actively supports the project. “Digital Minden” offers a great opportunity for city marketing, site marketing and urban development in general.


Regional and Local Strength: WAGO Sondershausen

In Sondershausen, our employees and works council organize an “Open House Day” and take advantage of the opportunity to collect donations for regional institutions. In the past, the proceeds collected were matched by the management and donated to the Middle German Children’s Hospice and the Düne Family Center. WAGO Sondershausen also regularly participates in the “Clean City” campaign, and we actively integrate our trainees into environmental protection projects. In this campaign, our trainees help clean up the surrounding area by removing waste and trash. In addition, our trainees from the SME initiative “Energy Transformation” won “Best Energy Scout Team” for their presentation “Heat Recovery in Plastic Parts Manufacturing.” Thanks to several particularly dedicated employees at our Sondershausen location, we have also participated in the “Christmas in a Shoe Box” gift campaign for children in need for several years. The presents donated are placed in shoe boxes and sent to children in Eastern Europe, bringing them a bit of joy for the holiday season.

Engagement without Borders: WAGO International

We consider it our duty to support the local community at all our international locations as well. For example, Switzerland also has a “National Future Day,” where we invite the next generation of employees to our Swiss location. This project focuses on changing boys’ and girls’ perceptions and encourages them to pursue their aspirations without regard to gender. In addition, we foster and maintain partnerships with nearby schools and educational facilities to co-host events and sponsor regional projects.

WAGO China founded the “Community Service Volunteer Association” to get involved, help others and give something back to the community. The members’ activities include visits to nursing homes and care facilities, as well as engagement with kindergartens and schools after work. Through these activities, WAGO strives to set an example, demonstrate compassion and serve the community. WAGO China has already launched several community projects in the past, such as clothing drives for impoverished regions and raising donations for victims of the Tianjin Tanggu explosion.

Our employees at our U.S. location are deeply committed to social causes. They support the “Adopt a Family” program, the Salvation Army and the American Cancer Society in their work to better the lives of others. We put the welfare of children first, since they are our future. WAGO Germantown hosted the Blood Center of Wisconsin blood drive three times last year. More than 35 employees participated regularly and donated for a good cause. According to estimates, this has saved at least 51 lives.

At our location in France, comprehensive networking and promotion of young people pursing technical careers is vital. Our engineers help shape school textbooks by acting as technical consultants, and our AUTOMATION experts serve as lecturers at the university. Our employees also get involved outside of technical fields; a good example of this is participation in marathons to raise money for disabled children.

WAGO Poland supports a nearby children’s hospice.

There for people:

  • Professional orientation
  • “Community Service Volunteer Association of China”
  • Promoting social welfare
  • Networking and promoting the next generation of technicians