Artikel nr. 2759-106/1121-1000

Edge Controller; Enkellicens; Onlineaktivering

Artikel nr. 2759-106/1121-1000
Edge Controller; Enkellicens; Onlineaktivering;
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Ogiltig inmatning
The WAGO IO-Link Configurator enables configuration and parameterization, as well as operation and monitoring of WAGO IO-Link Masters in the WAGO I/O System 750 and WAGO I/O System Field and, in particular, the WAGO IO-Link devices connected to them.

Additionally, IO-Link devices from all third-party manufacturers can be completely configured and operated via the WAGO IO-Link Configurator, as long as they comply with the IO-Link specification.
The process data of a product can be graphically visualized and stored in trend curves. Up to eight elements can be selected for visualization and the data can be recorded up to 24 hours.

Device description files for the IO-Link Masters (IOLM) or IO-Link Devices (IODD) can be used to integrate new devices into the tool at any time.
Convenient access to the IODD finder of the IO-Link user organization is available for the IODDs. It allows an automated and selective download of IODDs when integrating new IO-Link devices.

WAGO IO-Link Configurator can be used either as a standalone program or integrated into engineering systems with a TCI interface and WAGO-I/O-CHECK.

An integrated IODD viewer allows detailed insight into the IODD device description.

The license is assigned to the respective PC on which it is installed (workstation license).