Explosion Protection in the Automotive Industry

How exactly is an “explosion” defined? What are the causes and characteristics? What protective measures are available? WAGO informs.


Lighting Management

Modern lighting management in a storage and production facility offers more than just reductions in energy and costs – it combines economical operation and resource conservation with user comfort and flexibility.


Flexible I/O-System for All Fieldbus Protocols

Automation at an automotive supplier: Brose uses the modular WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM because it supports all conventional fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards.


Clever Lighting Scenario

Schuster Energieversorgunssysteme, an energy supply solutions specialist, has generated quite a stir with its innovative, manufacturer-independent system for emergency lighting. Early adopters in the automotive industry lead the way, and now companies from other sectors are showing interest. At the core of the lighting solution is the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, which implements the intelligent lighting control functions.

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Make Plans Today for Tomorrow

Whether lighting and room management or solutions for heating, ventilation or air conditioning, WAGO is an innovative partner with the right products to save you time, costs and energy.

Building Technology

Let Your Light Shine

From connection technology for LED modules and drives to lighting connection and management, WAGO has the experience and solutions for effective and efficient lighting.

Lighting Technology