Energy Measurement Directly at the Infeed: Current Transformer with a Voltage Tap

A current transformer with voltage tap (855-501/150-000) is now also available for WAGO's 285-150 High-Current Through Terminal Block, simplifying energy measurement in small spaces.

Measuring consumption values for electrical energy directly at the feed of a control cabinet has never been so easy: WAGO's 285-150 High-Current Through Terminal Block for 50 mm2 (1/0 AWG) conductor cross-sections can now be retrofitted with a new current transformer with voltage tap.

  • Current and voltage tap: just 20 mm wide

  • Accuracy class: 0.5

  • Fuse-protected voltage path protects downstream measurement devices

  • No additional terminal block assemblies required for transformer short circuit and neutral point jumper

  • Easy installation – simply insert the tap into the jumper slot

Space-Saving Solution

Like WAGO's high-current through terminal block, this combination of current transformer and voltage tap in a width of just 20 mm hardly requires any additional control cabinet space. Plugging the transformer directly into the jumper slot of the terminal block makes assembly both quick and easy. The current transformer has a transmission ratio of 150 A/1 A and fulfills the accuracy class 0.5 per DIN EN 61869-2. In the redundant voltage path, a fuse with detector is integrated to protect the connected measurement devices. Connections for both transformer short circuit and neutral point jumper are provided at the current outputs.

WAGO's new current and voltage tap is expected to be available by June 2018.

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