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Marine and Offshore
Both shipbuilding and onshore/offshore applications are particularly demanding on both component performance and availability. Our components for marine applications withstand the most extreme environments.

From the Bridge to the Engine Room
– Automated and Reliably Connected with WAGO

Our marine automation and offshore sector products automate nearly every application on board. Propulsion automation, auxiliary and deck machinery, navigation and communication equipment: Every application has its own special requirements. Again and again, the answer is: relays, optocouplers, signal conditioners, power supplies and network switches from WAGO. The TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks cover conductor sizes from 0.08 to 185 mm2 – this provides a broad platform for electrical connection technology in marine applications. The same also applies to more than 500 modules found in the WAGO I/O System 750. Special certificates (BSH, near the compass) enable these components to be used everywhere from the bridge to the bilge.

The Benefits for You:

  • Safe and reliable in all applications

  • Bridge approval in partial compliance with IEC EN60945

  • Classified for extreme environments (approved for use in the engine room)

  • Low storage and training costs

  • Broad application scope for the WAGO I/O System 750

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Whether aboard cargo ships or superyachts, WAGO has the experience and solutions to help you ensure a high level of system availability. WAGO is an innovative partner with products that save you time and money and reduce engineering. Discover our solutions for alarm and monitoring systems, cabin automation and other areas.


Maritime 4.0: Exploit Opportunities

Tremendous potential is seen in Maritime 4.0. Efficiency gains are expected not only for commercial shipping, but for cruise ship yards and tourism companies as well. Meet the challenges of modern shipping and fully leverage the possibilities offered by digitization and automation.


Marine & Offshore – Customer Applications

This is how digitalization works in shipbuilding with WAGO. Are you looking for the right solutions? Then read the example here for inspiration – learn more about our customers from the maritime industry and the projects we’ve supported them with.

Discover new products for
Maritime applications

New Switches for Maritime Applications

WAGO has expanded its range of marine switches to keep your ETHERNET network infrastructure scalable with outstanding electrical and mechanical properties:

  • Industrial switches: economical, compact and versatile, with up to 16 ports
  • Industrial managed switches: high-performance, safe, with Power over Ethernet (PoE+) and now tested per DIN EN 60945!

A robust design with marine approval – from the bridge to the engine room!

Pro 2 Power Supply with DNV-GL Approval

WAGO's Pro 2 portfolio expands to enter marine environments: Shipboard and coastal applications are challenging. Mechanical stress, such as vibration and shock, compounded by environmental factors, such as humidity, heat or salt spray, can severely degrade electrical and electronic devices. WAGO's Pro 2 Power Supplies account for these factors with an available DNVGL-approved version that offers optional protective coating.

WAGO Field-Side Power Supply Filters and Power Supply Filters with Integrated Ground Diagnostics for Equipment and Systems with Insulation Monitoring

Until now, reliably energizing a fieldbus node was the only job of the WAGO Field-Side Power Supply Filters and WAGO Power Supply Filters. However, two new variants now offer integrated ground fault diagnostics as well. These models both protect the system against high-energy disturbances on DC supply lines, such as those caused by switching overvoltages or inductive loads, and guard the field supply against transient overvoltages.

Now with Marine Approval: WAGO Touch Panels 600

WAGO's high-performance Touch Panels for demanding control and visualization tasks improve the operability of machines and systems while offering an outstanding design and advanced technology. Depending on the application, panels are available with resistive touchscreens, capacitive multi-touch panels with glass surfaces and devices with matte black anti-reflection surfaces for shipbuilding.

WAGO, Your Reliable Partner for Marine Technology

WAGO I/O System 750 XTR

We automate where others capitulate – reliably and economically in Zone 0/20 hazardous areas!


WAGO I/O System 750/753

Decentralized peripherals for every application: Boasting more than 500 I/O modules, programmable controllers and fieldbus couplers, WAGO’s remote I/O system offers all the functions required for your automation needs – and for every fieldbus.