Avoid unnecessary expense, reduce costs and trim engineering time by 75 percent: The smartDESIGNER online product configurator offers project engineering in 3D – no installation necessary, available worldwide and always up-to-date!


The Interfaces for Your Scheduling

WAGO understands the importance of, “Never changing a running system.” Therefore, with WAGO you can plan circuit diagrams in your CAE system as you normally would. WAGO offers interfaces to the most common systems and provides both CAE product data and CAE macros.

This lets you start planning immediately. An additional advantage: It is no longer necessary to enter item numbers, since you can work with function definitions.

Besides CAE data, WAGO also provides 3D data, so you can start control cabinet planing with EPLAN Pro right after planning the circuit diagram – all planned WAGO components are available in 3D. Additionally, automatic data transfer saves time and prevents errors.

With various interfaces and a corresponding selection of data, WAGO offers you data consistency extending from planning, to production, to testing and documentation – for greater speed and flexibility with fewer errors.


Plan Online, Benefit Everywhere: smartDESIGNER

For everyone who wants to plan independently, WAGO has developed its free smartDESIGNER. This project design tool is available online – worldwide, around the clock and no installation is needed. The additional advantage for you: smartDESIGNER is always up-to-date.

smartDESIGNER supports you with a large number of functions and properties. The online tool allows you to work in 3D as usual and performs plausibility checks directly. For you, that means detecting and avoiding planning errors immediately – with time savings of up to 75 percent for the entire planning process.

smartDESIGNER – Intelligent Support

This also applies to handling item numbers. We're certain that you use your own item numbers, not necessarily WAGO’s. But that’s no problem, since smartDESIGNER recognizes them and translates them into the corresponding WAGO item numbers – and vice versa.

The kicker: The tool not only recognizes the correct WAGO item for the order, but also automatically converts the WAGO item number back to your own number in the documentation phase so everything is correct in your system.

Perfect for wholesalers: smartDESIGNER can be used as the interface to the wholesaler’s shop – a WAGO-exclusive option, since only WAGO offers an online project design tool.

WAGO in Application


“With smartDESIGNER,
I can assemble interface module assemblies and I/O modules
in just a few clicks.
The online tool provides updated data at any time.”

Michael Burmester
Head of Process and Product Data Management at WAGO

Your contact person at WAGO

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