Returns and

We consider high-quality products and courteous service as integral to ensuring your satisfaction. Therefore, we consider a fast and clearly structured settlement to be in your interest. Regardless of whether it is a return or a complaint, we will find the best solution for you!

Important Notes for Your Return Shipment:

  • Always notify us of a return using the return form.
  • Provide the reference number.
  • Returns are for credit only.

Returns for Credit

We will happily check whether a return of incorrectly ordered or no longer necessary goods is possible, as long as the item meets our return conditions. In these cases, you will receive credit from us.

  • You have previously notified us about the return using the form provided, and you have noted the reason for the return on your return slip.
  • Your return has a net value of at least € 100.–.
  • You purchased the items in question directly from WAGO, they are in their original packaging (unopened), and they are not older than 6 months (see reference date) The items must also be returned in the original, resalable condition.
  • You have not provided customized items for return. These include individually labeled items or items technically adapted to a customer, and/or made-to-order items, sub-packaging units, promotional packages, and prefabricated WINSTA® lines, or fully assembled terminal strips.
  • We assess a processing fee of € 50.– net plus at least 10% of the net item value.

Your Return in 3 Steps:

  • You request return shipment using our form, which you can fill out online and send via email to

  • You receive the returned form with the assigned quality notification number.

  • You enclose the returned form with your return shipment.

To Expedite a Return

You can expedited the processing of your return shipment by taking the following steps:

  • Provide a reference number.
  • Apply the return slip with quality measurement number, which you received from us via email at the notification, to a highly visible location on the transport packaging.

Please note the following: we reserve the right to refuse returns at our discretion and on the basis that the return conditions were not met. Returns without notification or unsolicited returns may be sent back at the cost of the sender.

Do Not Forget

  • Include the bill of sale in the return.
  • Apply the return shipping label to the package in a visible location.

First Notify, Then Return

Fast and safe: get your return faster.

Fast Assistance in Case of Complaints

Unfortunately, we also make mistakes and understand that you may have a valid complaint.

In all cases, we ask that you contact us using the form provided. Our employees will then help you quickly and directly. We promise!

Your Complaint at WAGO:

  • Please fill out our form and describe your complaint in detail.

  • Send the filled-in form to via email.

  • Our employees will contact you as soon as possible and resolve everything.

Complaining Correctly

Clearly and succinctly state your concerns.