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Simply Push Performance to the Top with TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

In various industrial applications and modern building installations, WAGO's wide and versatile range of rail-mount terminal blocks provides more than just reliable electrical connections. Our TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer numerous advantages:

  • The right actuation variants for any application: lever, push-button and operating slot
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP®: Universal connection technology for all conductor types
  • Fast wiring via push-in termination of solid, stranded and ferruled conductors
  • Range of multifunctional jumpers offers the right solution for any commoning task
  • Continuous time- and cost-saving labeling with the quick marking system
  • Industry-leading safety reserves: Use a single rail-mount terminal block system worldwide for virtually any application

Product Overview

Discover our TOPJOB® product family.

Disconnect/Test Terminal Blocks

WAGO's disconnect/test terminal blocks allow you to quickly and safely disconnect circuits. The orange-colored knife disconnects or disconnect plugs are located between the conductors and are always visible to the operator.

Your benefits:

  • Alternative disconnect options: Via pivoting knife disconnect and additional mechanical interlock or via disconnect plug
  • Save space with double-deck, double-disconnect terminal blocks: Two potential-free disconnect terminal blocks on two levels
  • Service-friendly testing for potential ground faults via ground conductor disconnect terminal blocks
  • Also ideal for applications in the renewable energy sector with voltages up to 1,500 VDC (2006 Series)
  • Same shape as corresponding through terminal blocks provides clear sightlines
  • A wide variety of jumpers for safe and economical circuit requirements


Fuse Terminal Blocks

TOPJOB® S Fuse Terminal Blocks protect electrical circuits against short circuits and ensure fail-safe system operation. These fuse terminal blocks are designed for miniature metric fuses or blade-style fuses.

Your benefits:

  • Terminal blocks can be assembled into strips
  • Simple and safe replacement of fuses
  • Optional LED indicator quickly identifies blown fuses
  • Fuse terminal blocks can be created with little assembly and wiring effort via carrier terminal blocks and fuse plugs.


Current and Voltage Transformer Terminal Blocks

TOPJOB® S Current Transformer (Disconnect/Test) Terminal Blocks are designed for current transformer circuits. These blocks are ideal for safe and automatic short-circuiting, as well as easy measurement applications.

Your benefits:

  • Top-of-unit circuit jumper slot for shorting path activation
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design
  • Open, shock-protected design indicates exact switching status
  • High functionality combined with a compact design
  • All 2007 Series Terminal Blocks are rated at 30 A/500 V (IEC) and 300 V (UL).

Diode and LED Terminal Blocks

WAGO's diode terminal blocks have been specially developed for custom diode circuits, such as lamp test and collective fault signal circuits. Using LED terminal blocks, monitoring units can be designed for control and operating circuits.

Your benefits:

  • These terminal blocks provide high-density wiring in a width of just 5.2 mm (0.205 inch)
  • Push-in type jumper bars permit custom circuit design
  • Double- and triple-deck diode and LED terminal blocks expand circuit design options.

Pluggable Diode and LED Modules

WAGO's pluggable diode and LED modules simplify the creation of specialty functional units – no additional assembly and wiring costs. They are available in the two following versions: As modules to be inserted into the disconnect contacts of two adjacent carrier terminal blocks and as variants to be plugged into the jumper slots of standard through terminal blocks. Furthermore, empty component plug housings for carrier terminal blocks can be individually equipped with resistors, diodes or other components.

Your benefits:

  • No additional assembly and wiring costs
  • Separation into wiring and function levels
  • Modules can be replaced quickly with other types of modules – pluggable modules for through terminal blocks are ideal for easily retrofitting existing systems
  • Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) simplifies the assembly of empty component plug housings – no soldering required
  • Labeling with marking strips or WMB markers


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