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Veri, Yazılım Araçları ve Arayüzler

smartDATA ile WAGO, müşterilerine süreçlerinde ihtiyaçları olan sürekli veri akışı, yazılım araçları ve arayüzleri sunar. Bu süreçler arasında elektrik ve mekanik planlama ile konfigüre veya münferit ürünlerin sipariş edilmesi ve üretimi yer alır.



WAGO offers a large number of CAD formats for configuring your design. Use your usual CAD tool to import your configuration from WAGO’s Smart Designer configuration software.



Save time and avoid errors when creating control cabinet documentation – automatically from Smart Designer. You benefit from all the relevant product and process data necessary for standards-compliant documentation.



Marking control cabinets is easy with the WAGO Smart Printer thermal transfer printer. Depending on how you work, you have the option of printing markings from a large variety of systems.



Get completely assembled rails or individual products – WAGO provides the selected components as needed.


Configuration Software

Whether in the plausibility check for the structure of the terminal strips or the documentation for the control cabinet: WAGO’s Smart Designer configuration software supports you in creating individually configured products.



Use your preferred CAE tool for electrical planning – WAGO offers interfaces to various CAE tools (e.g., EPLAN, E3, WS CAD and Engineering Base).

Mühendislik Süreçleri

Planlamadan teslimata WAGO, mühendislik süreçlerinizi etkinleştirmek için dijital çözümler sunar:

1. Planning (CAE)

Plan your projects via CAE software or WAGOe!COCKPIT. Your data is loaded directly into the Smart Designer configuration software.


2. Project planning with Smart Designer

With WAGO Smart Designer, the configuration software for WAGO’s electrical connection and automation technology products, we offer access to projects, at any time and from anywhere in the world – no installation necessary.

3. Design (CAD)

WAGO offers and extensive product portfolio of individual items for download. WAGO CAD product data can be transferred from here easily and quickly to customers’ designs. Whether 2D or 3D data in a neutral CAD format or in the user’s CAD system format, the online portal provides data that fulfills these requirements.


4. Marking

With perfectly tuned hardware and software, WAGO offers high-performance, individualized marking solutions.
WAGO offers you the Smart Printer thermal transfer printer for all marking needs in control cabinets: Depending on how you work, you have the option of printing markings from a large variety of systems.


5. Classification

WAGO supports your digital business processes with machine-readable, system-compatible technical and commercial product data. It is based on standards like eCl@ss (basic/advanced) or ETIM.


Data, Software Tools and Interfaces

Control cabinet manufacturers face the challenge of constantly optimizing their processes – while the demands on networked and integrated systems steadily increase. The competitiveness of a control cabinet manufacturer is ultimately determined by its level of expertise in conjunction with the efficiency of its manufacturing processes. WAGO offers innovative solutions that support users from planning and project design to testing and commissioning. The video shows you how.

WAGO offers innovative solutions that support users from planning and project design to testing and commissioning.

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smartDATA Engineering

Tasarımdan Projenin Tamamlanmasına Kadar

Tüm katma değer zinciri boyunca veri saydamlığı maliyetleri düşürür. Yatay entegrasyonu desteklemek için WAGO, smartDATA Engineering'i sunmaktadır.


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