WAGO Pro 2 電源供應器

WAGO Pro 2 電源的出色產品特性:

  • 智慧電源管理:可提供長達 5 秒的 150% 功率,在短路情況下還可提供長達 15 ms 的 600% 輸出電流
  • 高環境耐受:可靠抵禦酷熱、嚴寒、海拔對電源效能帶來的影響
  • 新通信能力:隨時瞭解所有重要狀態資訊和資料 - 為工業 4.0 準備
  • 簡易規劃和安裝:外形緊湊且具有「digital twin 概念」- 完整提供各種2D/3D繪圖檔案格式

What challenges is the control cabinet industry facing? What possibilities for optimization do you see?

Time crunches and competitive pressure are significant challenges facing the industry. Attempts are being made to reduce design time and minimize errors through modularization and the reuse of project designs. Further optimization down to the device level and using smart data represent additional possibilities for optimization.

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