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高度透明化:智慧感測器 - 驅動器的整合協助您建構或延伸收集與生產相關數據的自動化架構。WAGO 支援從信號和數據中獲取實用資訊,以幫助最佳化利用、監控和進一步系統開發。此外,我們還可提供世界上最豐富的 I/O 系統,包含超過 500 個模組。我們具備了包括極端條件(例如,海洋環境或近海區域)等多項認證。選擇 WAGO 作為您的合作夥伴,是對投資的有效保護,同時保持系統的靈活性、可延伸性和未來性。智慧感測器整合的第一步:聯絡我們。


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Industry 4.0 in German Mid-Sized Companies: “Optimizing Production Processes Presents a Great Opportunity”

In the interview, Thomas Holm speaks about the opportunities that Industry 4.0 provides for mid-sized companies and offers insights into the corporate practices at WAGO.


Smart factory: “Security is becoming a key discipline in automation technology”

The notion that a smart, networked, intelligent, autonomous and resource-optimized production will pay companies back has become common sense. Prof. Jörg Wollert, who has served on the teaching faculty at the University of Bochum, the Technical University Bielefeld, and the Technical University Aachen, explains to us what steps should be the first on the path to the Smart Factory. He also points out where corporations cannot afford to drop the ball.


Cybersecurity: “Hackers Constantly Challenge Us”

Bernd and Marcel Steinkühler from Correct Power Institute, an IT specialist, discuss attacks from the Internet and potential defenses


Cybersecurity on Board: “Anyone Who Talks about Maritime 4.0 Has to Do Their Homework”

In the film “Tomorrow Never Dies,” terrorists divert a military ship from its course by manipulating the GPS signals. What was part of the fantasy world of British filmmakers in 1997 – the theatrical release date for the eighteenth James Bond movie – is a real threat a mere 20 years later. “GPS spoofing”, as it is known to the experts, is real, and researchers from the University of Texas provided impressive proof in 2013 when they diverted an $80 million dollar luxury yacht from its course without its crew noticing. What is new in cybersecurity in the shipbuilding industry? Ship builders, system integrators and shipping companies are enthusiastic about the new opportunities that Maritime 4.0 offers. To find out if the sector ready for this, and what still needs to be done, we spoke with Professor Karl-Heinz Niemann from the University of Hanover.


Cybersecurity on Ships

With increased digitization and networking aboard ships, the risk for data abuse and cybercrime also increases. Anyone considering the possibilities of Maritime 4.0 must also consider the increased requirements for cybersecurity – and more importantly, find suitable solutions for implementing it.


Plug-in 應用使 WAGO 控制器輕鬆轉換為 IoT 設備

通過融合 IT 和自動化,WAGO 的 PFC 控制器系列的任何成員都可以透過簡單的 MQTT 軟體升級轉變為雲連接的 IoT 控制器。

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