Item no. 758-879/000-000

Memory Card CF; SLC-NAND

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The CF memory card replaces standard storage media and is used to store customer data and boot projects, or to transport this data between devices.

Thanks to its extended temperature range, the memory card can also be used in applications up to 60°C. This memory card is compatible to the CF standard, enabling it to be used in any data processing system equipped with a CF slot.

The industrial memory card has the following system features:

  • Storage capacity: 1 GB
  • Compatible to the CompactFlash® Specification, Version 3.0
  • In line with the PC Card standard
  • Supports TRUE IDE Mode, ATA Standard
  • Three access modes:
    • PC Card memory mode
    • PC Card I/O mode
    • TRUE IDE mode
  • Error correction function: 4 bits / 512 bytes
  • Supports auto-standby and idle status
  • Supports multiword and ultra-direct memory access, multisector transfer and logical block addressing

Product details

Technical Data
Internal memory (flash) 1000 MB
Write/read cycles (max.) Single: 20 Mbytes/s (max.) / 10 Mbytes/s (max.) Dual: 40 Mbytes/s (max.) / 20 Mbytes/s (max.)
MTBF 300,000 h
Service life 2,000,000 program/operating cycles
Geometrical Data
Width 42,8 mm
Height from upper-edge of DIN-rail 36,4 mm
Depth 3,3 mm
Material Data
Weight 11 g
Environmental Requirements
Surrounding air temperature (operation) -40 … 85 °C
Surrounding air temperature (storage) -55 … 95 °C
Relative humidity (without condensation) 95 %
Vibration resistance per IEC 60068-2-6
Shock resistance per IEC 60068-2-27
Commercial data
Packaging type BOX
Country of origin TW
GTIN 4050821045052
Customs tariff number 85235200009
CAD files
CAE data
WSCAD Universe 758-879/000-000