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Item no. 758-874/000-130

Industrial PC, I/O-IPC-C6, Linux ®2.6; Telecontrol technology

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Compact and robust, the WAGO‐I/O‐IPC-C6 is designed for general control applications. The high-performance IPC can fully perform controlling, monitoring and visualization tasks.

The I/O-IPC features a 600 MHz Celeron® processor and all standard PC interfaces (e.g., 2 x USB, RS-232, DVI‐I and 2 x Ethernet).

Depending on the application, WAGO‐I/O‐SYSTEM modules are connected to the I/O-IPC to suit the particular task. Two opto-isolated digital I/O (24VDC) are directly integrated for fast signal transmission.

With optional CANopen and PROFIBUS DP fieldbuses in master version, the I/O-IPC may also function as a main PLC in industrial environments.

Using Linux operating system and optional CoDeSys PLC software, including CoDeSys visualization, a stable and high-performance automation system featuring universal communication characteristics is available for long-term, reliable service.

Product details


Technical Data

Communication PROFIBUS
Modbus (TCP, UDP)
Modbus RTU
RS-232 serial interface
Ethernet protocol FTP
Visualization Web-Visu
Operating system Linux 2.6 with RT-Preempt patch
CPU Celeron®M; 600MHz
Programming languages per IEC 61131-3 Instruction List (IL)
Ladder Diagram (LD)
Function Block Diagram (FBD), Continuous Function Chart (CFC)
Structured Text (ST)
Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
Libraries Telecontrol: IEC 60870-5-101/-103/-104, 3964R/RK512, IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25
Main memory (RAM) 256 MB
Internal memory (flash) 512 MB
Software non-volatile memory 1024 kbyte
Type of memory card Compact Flash Type I/II
Number of modules per node max. 250
Number of I/O modules without bus extension max. 64
Input and output process image (Fieldbus) max. 500 Byte/500 Byte
Indicators Stromversorgung; Watchdog; PROFIBUS DP, CANopen; Run/Stop; IDE; Lokalbus
System supply voltage DC 24 V(-25 … +30 %); via wiring level (CAGE CLAMP® connection)
Input current typ. at rated load (24 V) 770 mA
Total current for system supply 1000 mA
Field supply voltage DC 24 V (-25 … +30 %); via power jumper contacts
Number of outgoing power jumper contacts 3

Connection data

Connection technology: communication/fieldbus PROFIBUS: 1 x D-Sub 9 socket; CANopen: 1 x D-Sub 9 socket; Modbus TCP/UDP: 2 x RJ-45; Modbus RTU: 1 x D-Sub 9 connector; RS-232 serial interface: 1 x D-Sub 9 connector; USB: 2 x USB 2.0 host (type A); DVI: 1 x D-sub 24+5 socket; Digital input/output: 1 x D-sub 15 socket
Connection technology: system supply 2 x CAGE CLAMP®
Connection technology: field supply 6 x CAGE CLAMP®
Connection type (1) System/field supply
Solid conductor 0.08 … 2.5 mm² / 28 … 14 AWG
Fine-stranded conductor 0.08 … 2.5 mm² / 28 … 14 AWG
Strip length 8 … 9 mm / 0.31 … 0.35 inch

Geometrical Data

Width 236 mm / 9.291 inch
Height from upper-edge of DIN-35 rail 70 mm / 2.76 inch
Depth 100 mm / 3.937 inch

Mechanical data

Weight 1455.501 g
Color dark gray
Housing material Aluminum
Conformity marking CE

Environmental Requirements

Surrounding air (operating) temperature 0 … 55 °C
Surrounding air (storage) temperature -10 … 85 °C
Protection class IP20
Operating altitude 0 … 15000 m
Relative air humidity (no condensation) 90 %
Type of mounting DIN-35 rail
Vibration resistance Operation: 0.5g, 10 … 500 Hz; Storage/transit: 1g, 10 … 500 Hz
Shock resistance Operation: 5g, 11 ms, 6 axis; Storage/transit: 30g, 11 ms, 6 axis
EMC immunity to interference acc. to EN 61000-6-2
EMC emission of interference acc. to EN 61000-6-4

Commercial data

Product Group 27 (Special components I/O)
Country of origin DE
GTIN 4050821419488

Approvals / Certificates


Additional Approval Text
Certificate name
Approval: ATEX
TUEV Nord Cert GmbH
Additional Approval Text EN 60079-0
Certificate name: TÜV 07 ATEX 554086 X en.
Approval: TUEV Nord
TUEV Nord Cert GmbH
Additional Approval Text IEC 60079-0
Certificate name: IECEx TUN 09.0001 X

Country specific Approvals

Additional Approval Text
Certificate name
Approval: KC
National Radio Research Agency
Additional Approval Text Article 58-2, Clause 3
Certificate name: MSIP-REM-W43-IPC758




Configuration and Commissioning Software

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