Surface Mount PCB Terminal Blocks

A compact and low-profile PCB connection is required in many electronics applications, particularly in luminaires for optical uniform light distribution, while minimizing shadowing. Surface mount PCB terminal blocks, with their combination of a flat design and wide application scope fully satisfy these demands.

Your benefits:

  • Push-in termination of solid or tin bonded conductors
  • Low profile minimizes on-board shadowing
  • Available in 1 to 3 pole configurations
  • Comes in tape-and-reel packaging for full integration into SMT soldering process
  • Lower costs via automated pick-and-place assembly

2065 Series: Reduced to the Essentials

  • A reliable, repeatable alternative to wire soldering in a housing-less (bare contact) design
  • Easily wire with push-in termination, and remove wire with an operating tool
  • Low profile: 2.7 mm height
  • Conductor range: 24 – 18 AWG
  • Maximum conductor size, minimum installation space

2075 Series: For Vertical Wiring

  • Wiring performed from the back of the LED module simplifies luminaire manufacturing
  • Compact design provides uniform light distribution
  • An economical alternative to wire soldering in any industrial electronics application
  • Supports both manual and automated wiring systems

2059 Series: For the Smallest Sizes

  • Low profile: 2.7 mm height, 3 mm spacing
  • Conductor range: 26 – 20 AWG
  • Side-by-side assembly without pole loss
  • Besides standard wiring, several PCBs or LED modules can be easily assembled into a single string using board-to-board connection links

2060 Series: For the Broadest Range of Applications

  • Low profile: 4.5 mm height, 4 mm spacing
  • Conductor range: 24 – 18 AWG
  • Push-buttons simplify insertion/removal of all conductor types
  • Minimize labor and materials with board-to-board connection links
  • THR variant has solder pins, ideal for THR and wave soldering
  • 8 mm pin spacing variant provides higher rated voltages up to 600 V (UL) and 630 V (IEC)

2061 Series: For Higher Power Applications

  • Low profile: 5.6 mm height, 6 mm spacing
  • Conductor range: 20 - 16 AWG
  • Push-buttons simplify insertion/removal of all conductor types
  • Board-to-board connection links to minimize labor and materials
  • THR variant with solder pins for THR and wave soldering