WAGO Power Supplies Compact

The small, high-performance power supplies in DIN-rail-mount housings are available with output voltages of 5, 12, 18 and 24 VDC, as well as nominal output currents up to 8 A. The devices are highly reliable and ideal for use in both installation and system distribution boards.

Your Benefits:

  • Wide input voltage range for use internationally: 85 ... 264 VAC
  • Ideal for industrial and building applications, as well as home appliances per EN 60335-1
  • Mounting on DIN-rail and flexible installation via screw-mount clips (optional) – perfect for every application
  • Triple the savings thanks to low purchase costs, easy installation and maintenance-free operation
  • Front-panel adjustable output voltage via tool

Space and time saving

  • Compact, space-saving design – ideal for installation in distribution and meter boards
  • Time-saving pre-wiring via picoMAX® Connectors equipped with Push-in CAGE CLAMP®

Compact and High-Performance – WAGO Power Supply with 30 W in Just 35.5 mm

Packing 30 W of performance, WAGO's Compact Power Supply (787-2850) in a DIN-rail-mount enclosure offers a lot of power in a scant 35.5 mm (1.398"). Thanks to the slim design, it saves around 33% more space in the control cabinet and distribution board than standard power supplies.

WAGO Power Supplies Compact – Housing Designs

787-10xx / 787-11xx

  • Housing design per EN 43880, suitable for installation in small distribution boards
  • Triple the savings thanks to low acquisition costs, easy installation and maintenance-free operation
  • Vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP® connections


  • A wide range of options for DIN rail and screw mounting
  • Ideal for household and commercial appliances that comply with EN 60335 (e.g., heat pumps, combined heat and power plants, as well as vending and gaming machines)
  • Reliable installation via picoMAX® Connectors with push-in conneciton technology