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Safety In The Elevator Shaft

With the "Ahead Door Show", Schindler Aufzüge shows that even elevators can offer a potential digital business model. To enable field technicians to install it safely, this Swiss company relies on the benefits of WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System with protection against mismating.

The Benefits for You:

  • Plug-and-play solutions complies with global regulations on connection of electrical loads

  • Easy handling in the risk area

  • Tool-free installation increases efficiency and reduces the risk of injury 

Product Highlights

The Story

Nearly 1.5 billion people worldwide use at least one Schindler elevator every day. The heads of the company, based in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, have realized that having so many points of contact with users offer significant leverage for implementing digital business models. One of these digital business models, which the vendor bundles in its digital mesia services, is the "Ahead Door Show". In this model, Schindler Aufzüge exploits an advantage that other digital out-of-home communication media cannot offer. Claudio Haas, Head of Product Management for Digital Media Services, describes it thus: "Compared to the market as a whole, we have a significantly higher dwell time in the area in front of elevators. We also have a longer attention span, since passengers tend to focus on the middle of the door and wait till it opens."


The "Ahead Door Show" attracts a lot of attention. For its connection, it uses WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System with protection against mismating.

Risk-Free Installation

This is precisely the advantage that the "Ahead Door Shows" exploits: A projector installed above the elevator door projects news and advertisements onto it, helping users pass the time while they wait. The content is provided from a central location, the Ahead Content Management System, to the projectors, which are networked across the individual floors via ETHERNET.

However, this connection is the difficult part. "Since this involves a retrofit, it needs electricity from somewhere," says Claudio Haas. "In an elevator shaft, it's not like at home, where you can just look for an available outlet - it requires a secure, professional connection to the elevator system."

And that's exactly what the WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System, with protection against mismating, offers. In a convential connection approach, installers would have to unwind the line from a cable drum, cut it, insulate and crimp the conductors and finally connect them to the "Ahead Door Show."

With WAGO's solution, all they have to do is go from floor to floor and plug in the preassembled four meter cables - no tools required. The risk of dropping a wire stripper or screwdriver into the shaft never even arises. Tool-free connection also prevents injuries.

WINSTA® for Global Use

Tool-free connection is not the only aspect of WINSTA® that Claudio Haas appreciates - another is compliance with global regulations. "Different regulations around the world govern what field technicians are allowed o do. Here in Switzerland, the requirements are especially strict, which is why they're not allowed to just connect sockets in the shaft or extend electrical lines on their own without the appropriate training," he says.

Another argument in favor of the plug-and-play solution comes from the work environment itself. Elevator shafts are considered risk areas and are sometimes several hundred meters high. "Our employees have the best possible training and protection for their work in the shaft," says Claudio Haas. "Our job is to give them appropriate solutions to enable them to work efficiently in the field despite their protective equipment." With its pluggable connection system and protection against mismating, WINSTA® is the perfect solution.

Image source: Schindler Aufzüge AG

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