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Automation Technology & IEC 61131 Programming

Target group

The WAGO I/O SYSTEM training is tailored for those individuals who have had hands-on work experience in programming and installing PLC or PC based industrial control systems. It is essential that attendees have knowledge of basic electronics, i.e. voltage, current and power relationships, and a basic knowledge of programming concepts.


Attendees are asked to provide their own laptop computers, since there will be hands-on exercises. Please ensure that the laptops have USB ports and Ethernet connectivity via RJ45.


Over a 3 day period, attendees will experience a mix of lecture and hands-on exercises which will cover the following topics:

  • WAGO I/O System Overview
  • Programmable Fieldbus Controller Overview
  • Ethernet Fundamentals
  • Software tools(I/O Check 3, Ethernet Settings, etc.)
  • CoDeSys(IEC 61131) programming tool
  • Code generation utilizing structured text, ladder logic, FBD's, etc.
  • Application tutorials
  • Web integration
  • No additional cost


WAGO Cancellation Policy for Internal Training

WAGO reserves the right to reschedule training in the event that a class does not achieve the minimum enrollment of four (4) students or if we, due to unforeseen circumstances, do not have the resources available to properly conduct a class. In such cases you will be notified within ten (10) business days if we need to reschedule. In the event that training is rescheduled, we will attempt to move you to the next available training date or a future class date.

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3 Days