WAGO in the Manufacturing Industry

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The manufacturing industry is confronted with new demands and challenges daily: Simultaneous cost reduction and performance improvement, IIoT/Industry 4.0 and more flexible production. In these times of transformation, WAGO can be your expert guide, supporting you with innovative solutions and reliable products – in all areas of production.


On the Road to the Smart Factory with WAGO

In the future, production will be networked and intelligent; it will control and optimize itself, semi-autonomously, making it resource-efficient. For the transformation to an “intelligent factory,” existing processes will be networked, and all products, machines and process data will be recorded. Automation solutions, such as the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750, are available for smoothly capturing and transferring data into a “Manufacturing Execution System” (MES) or product management system.


Control Cabinet Construction: from Project Planning to Commissioning

Ordering and production processes are becoming increasingly digital. The goal: consistency and data transparency along the entire value-added chain in order to save time and lower costs. To support this horizontal integration, WAGO offers smart DATA Engineering, a solution that supports users from planning and design, to engineering, to testing and commissioning of their control cabinet.


WAGO Technology for Mechanical Engineering

Ever greater precision, ever higher speeds, ever greater flexibility – the demands in mechanical engineering are always increasing. At the same time, the customization of machines and systems is constantly increasing the capabilities of manufacturing processes. In this fluctuating environment, the right tools are essential. WAGO's PROFINET fieldbus couplers and our e!DISPLAYs help customers to realize the full potential of their projects..


Data Acquisition

IIoT/Industry 4.0 and big data are opening up unexpected possibilities for new business models. Therefore it is important for modern manufacturers to leverage these valuable data collections in their processes. WAGO’s flexible and durable automation solutions reliably transfer data from the field level for use in the cloud or an MES without error; existing systems can be retrofitted conveniently as well. Furthermore, various interfaces and fieldbuses, such as CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet and MODBUS-TCP, can also be utilized independently thereby offering further flexibility.

Automated Production Technology

Automated production technology offers many advantages – from cost savings to optimized processes. Learn more about flexible control and WAGO's I/O modules in the video.

WAGO in Application


Savings with Spring Clamp Terminals

When an automotive company wants to reduce costs, its suppliers must also react. F.EE builds control cabinets for a number of OEMs, and the compact WAGO spring pressure connection technology facilitates the work.

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Simone Brinkmann-Tewes, manager of smartData Engineering

“We improve consistency and data transparency along the value added chain.“

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WAGO in Other Industries

We are not only well-positioned for manufacturing, where innovative connection or automation solutions are needed. We are also a reliable expert partner for other industries and sectors like power engineering and the maritime transport industries.