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Whether railway vehicles, signalling technology or railway stations - WAGO products can be used almost anywhere where electricity flows, signals are transmitted and converted in the railway sector. It is not without reason that operators, manufacturers and suppliers of railway and signalling technology rely on WAGO. We have been doing pioneering work in electrical connection technology since 1977: away from the screw and towards spring connection technology - setting standards in railway technology.

Condition-Based Monitoring of Rolling Stock

“Condition-based monitoring” promises to make maintenance of railway vehicles more efficient, in terms of both time and costs. Westfälische Lokomotiv-Fabrik Reuschling GmbH & Co. KG shows how railway operators can implement condition monitoring for their rolling stock.


Infrastructure in Railway Stations

Railway stations and reception buildings contain various equipment and systems that are operated electrically and whose functionality must be monitored. This includes lighting controllers, evaluation systems and low-voltage switchgear that ensure passengers’ comfort and safety. Additionally, in railway stations, WAGO provides failsafe power supplies and data recording for various analog and digital signals.


WAGO in the Railway Industry

For more than 40 years, WAGO has been a staple of the Railway Industry. The operator-independent quality of WAGO's electrical interconnection technology, which features quick and easy handling, is only one of the reasons that this vibration-proof spring pressure connection technology has become an industry go-to. You can find our technology aboard electric and diesel locomotives, passenger railroad cars and double-decker vehicles, and in traction vehicles for regional, local and high-speed trains, trolleys and subways.


Applications on Board

The depth of WAGO’s electrical interconnection, electronic interface and automation technologies allows for reliable solutions that can be installed quickly and easily. Our products are designed for space-limited applications in everything from cabs and doors, lighting and air-conditioning systems, drives and converters, switch and fuse panels, battery chargers, toilets and junction boxes - in other words, any area that requires long-term reliability and safety.


Point Operating Systems

Functioning point operating systems – whether operated electrically or hydraulically – are fundamental to preventing train failures. Therefore, operators rely on predictive maintenance – detecting possible defects before they arise. The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM collects the data measured by sensors on these points and provides them to the control center. This allows the smallest deviations to be evaluated directly and repairs to be initiated.


Signal Technology at Railroad Crossings

Reliable, maintenance-free electrical connections are essential for signal technology at railroad crossings, as well as in railway stations. Proven WAGO connection technology has been used in the railway industry since the 1970s and has corresponding approvals such as UL1059 for cable box, point operating system, block system or signal box applications.


Whether on rails, switches or signals, our products fulfill the requirements of DIN EN 50121-4, EN 50121-5 and DIN EN 50155 railway standards – without application limitations.


● Screwless connection technology provides maximum contact reliability.

● The plastics used as insulation for rail-mount terminal blocks fulfill the requirements of EN 45545 without limitation.


Fire Protection

Trains are the safest mode of transportation. This is ensured not only by the operator, but also by the vehicle and component manufacturers. Whatever the reason for a fire – the passengers must be protected as much as possible.


The Railway Standards

Questions about railway suitability refer to compliance with DIN EN 50155. Although EN 50155 does have an international counterpart (IEC 60751), EN 50155 is the current railway standard recognized around the world.

WAGO at Work

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