Item no. 2759-2293/211-1000

e!RUNTIME; DNP3 Master; M; Single License; Online activation

Item no. 2759-2293/211-1000
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The DNP3 Configurator is part of the e!COCKPIT Software. With this license, the DNP3 Protocol can be activated on the master. The configurator fully supports the DNP3-specific functions of all WAGO telecontrollers.
The configurator sets up DNP3 objects while configuring data exchange to the PLC application or I/O modules. As an alternative to manually configuring connections to DNP3 Slaves, it is also possible to use a description file to import the configurations in the standard DNP3 XML device profile format.

In performance class 300, the master can maintain connections for up to four DNP3 Slaves, thereby working as TCP or serial DNP3 Master. Up to 10000 events from connected DNP3 Slaves can be saved in the controller’s internal RAM or on the SD card.

In the monitoring direction, the WAGO DNP3 Master can receive digital, analog and count values from the slave. Both digital and analog values can be sent in the control direction. Analog values can be processed in 16-bit, 32-bit or FLOAT format. Count values can be processed in 16-bit or 32-bit format.

Your Benefits:
  • Use of the PFC200 Controller as a DNP3 Master to read and process data from DNP3 Slaves (field devices) via TCP, UDP or serially.
  • Creation of a gateway application to transfer data from DNP3 slaves (field devices) and other protocols (e.g., IEC 60870, Modbus®).

Enter the license into e!COCKPIT, assign it to a device and load both the license and project into the controller. No other installation steps are required.

Technical Data:
See the document “e!RUNTIME DNP3 Master Device Profile” on