Perfectly Plugged Electrical Installations – with WINSTA®

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System easily meets the strict requirements of building installations. The system provides simple pluggable electrical connections, making electrical installations fast, safe and error-free. This also applies to other applications, such as marine and railway systems, as well as industrial applications.

All Benefits in at a Glance:

  • Protected against mismating and maintenance-free
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology allows solid conductors to be simply pushed into a unit
  • A wide product range readily meets all electrical installation requirements: plugs, sockets, snap-in device connectors, PCB connectors, as well as distribution connectors, cable assemblies and distribution boxes
  • Compact design
  • Components can be clearly printed on and color-coded to meet custom requirements

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WINSTA® in Building Installations

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Conventional Installation vs. Pluggable Installation

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System is based on cable assemblies and standard components, which are combined in accordance with the construction project. WINSTA® is the ideal solution for multiple installations or those planned in a grid, e.g., grid or flush-mount lighting installation. Thanks to this pre-assembled connection system, assembly times and installation errors on the construction site are reduced.

Discover the diversity of the WINSTA Pluggable Connection System.

Product Overview

For Space-Restricted Applications: WINSTA® MINI

The WINSTA® MINI family is ideal for pluggable electrical installations in confined spaces. Its compact design supports the trend of downsized components, including LED lights and electronic ballasts.


  • Conductor range: up to 1.5 mm2 (16 AWG)
  • Nominal current: 16 A
  • WINSTA® MINI special components for specialty applications (e.g., measurement, control and regulation technology) with custom printing
  • Compact pluggable PCB connectors are available with 4.4 mm (0.1732 inch) pole spacing

For Maximum Possibilities: WINSTA® MIDI

The WINSTA® MIDI family offers the greatest diversity of components for fast, reliable and error-free electrical installations. This enables you to individually and flexibly fulfill the most varying requirements.


  • Conductor range: up to 4 mm2 (12 AWG)
  • Nominal current: 25 A
  • Two-wire connection per pole for loops or bridges
  • Easily identifiable through optional customer-specific printing as well as intelligent labeling accessories
  • Additional variable coding is possible
  • Available in 2- to 7-pole configurations
  • Pluggable lighting connection with the universal Linect® Lighting Connection System and WINSTA® Linect® T-Connectors

For Greater Power: WINSTA® MAXI

The WINSTA® MAXI family includes high-current, pluggable connectors for power supply applications.


  • Conductor range: up to 6 mm2 (8 AWG)
  • Nominal current: 35 A
  • Minimize voltage drop over longer cable runs

For Round Conduits and Ducts: WINSTA® RD

The WINSTA® RD family of pluggable circular connectors is ideal for installation in cable ducts (e.g., in prefabricated houses). Due to their round design, the WINSTA® RD cable assemblies easily fit into properly sized holes and installation pipes.


  • Conductor range: up to 2.5 mm2 (14 AWG)
  • Nominal current: 16 A/20 A
  • Portfolio of three- and four-pole pre-assembled cables with 17.5 mm (0.0689 inch) outer diameter for easy plug & play
  • Plug-in integration into the electrical installation of hollow-wall boxes via adapter, for example

For the Standardized Bus: WINSTA® KNX

WINSTA® KNX is the solution for standardized fieldbus systems in building and industrial automation (e.g., KNX, LON® or ETHERNET).


  • For low voltages up to 50 V
  • Nominal current: 3 A
  • Compact size, standardized interface
  • Available in two different custom coding options with mismating protection

For Maximum Flexibility: WINSTA® IDC

The WINSTA® IDC family consists of flat cables ranging from 1.5 mm2 to 16 mm2 (14–6 AWG) and the associated modules that are compatible with WINSTA® MIDI and WINSTA® KNX Pluggable Connectors and provides power to raised-floor boxes.


  • WINSTA® IDC Supply and Tap-Off Modules allow connection at any location of the flat cable – one rotation per pole is all that is required.
  • Suitable for bus and power lines or for bus and power combined in one cable
  • Easy installation without line interruption due to convenient insulation displacement technology (IDC)

For Greater Diversity: WINSTA® Boxes

The WINSTA® Boxes readily serve diverse applications. For example, WINSTA® Distribution Boxes support the control of several sunblind drives via SMI or the connection of DALI lights. The WINSTA® System Box provides a variety of customizable solutions for applications, such as power distribution, control and switching systems. WINSTA® Boxes are planned and manufactured according to customer requirements by our Project Service division.


  • Compact solution with pluggable outputs
  • WINSTA® Boxes allow centralized, clearly laid-out electrical installations
  • WINSTA® Distribution Boxes are also available for self-assembly
  • WINSTA® System Box: Install DIN-35-rail-mount components, such as circuit breakers, fuses and relays

WINSTA® in the Context of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR)

Construction Product Regulation (CPR)

WAGO offers cable assemblies within the WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System that have been tested according to EN 50575 and comply with CPR requirements

Download the WINSTA® CPR Performance Declarations here

SeriesItem No.CPR Fire ClassDocument Download
MINI891 – X9XX / XX0X - XXXXECA PVC1. DoP_Kordes_H05VV-F_Eca_4323700-2-2
2. DoP-Leoni-H05VV-F-Eca-LSKTT0000004
891 – X9XX / XX1X - XXXXECA halogen-freeDoP_Kordes_H05Z1Z1-F_Eca_4323700-5-1
891 – X2XX / XX1X - XXXXECA B2CADoP_Kordes_H05Z1Z1-F_B2_20170730-19
Special891 – X9X3 / XXXX - XXXXECA PVCDoP_Kordes_H05VV-F_Eca_4323700-2-2
891 – X9X5 / XXXX - XXXX
891 – X9X2 / XXXX - XXXXECA PVCDoP_Helukabel_JZ+OZ-500_Eca_014711
891 – X9X4 / XXXX - XXXX
MIDI:771 – X9XX / XX0X - XXXXECA PVC1. DoP_Kordes_H05VV-F_Eca_4323700-2-2
2. DoP-Leoni-H05VV-F-Eca-LSKTT0000004
771 – X9XX / XX1X - XXXXECA halogen-freeDoP_Kordes_H05Z1Z1-F_Eca_4323700-5-1
771 – X2XX / XX1X - XXXXECA B2CADoP_Kordes_H05Z1Z1-F_B2_20170730-19
Special771 – X9XX / XXXX - XXXXECA PVCDoP_Helukabel_JZ+OZ-500_Eca_014711
771 – X9X3 / XXX5 - XXXXECA PVCDoP_Kordes_H05VV-F_Eca_4323700-2-2
771 – X9X5 / XXX5 - XXXX
771 – X9X5 / XXX6 - XXXX
RD774 – X9XX / XXX6 - XXXXECA PVC1. DoP_Kordes_H05VV-F_Eca_4323700-2-2
2. DoP-Leoni-H05VV-F-Eca-LSKTT0000004
774 – X9X3 / XX16 - XXXXECA halogen-freeDoP_Kordes_H05VV-F_Eca_4323700-2-2
KNX894 – X9XX / XX2X – XXX6ECA halogen-freeDoP_Lapp_EIB-HFFR-J-YSTY_green_2x2x08mm_Eca_UILCPRDoP17-21702411-A
894 – X9XX / XX3X – XXX6 - XXXXECA PVCDoP_Lapp_EIB-PVC-J-YSTY_green_2x2x08mm_Eca_UILCPRDoP17-2170240-1-A
IDC897 – 121ECA PVCDoP_Woertz_flat cable_PVC
897 – 231
897 – 251
897 – 261
897 – 1051
897 – 1651
897 – 122CCA halogen-freeDoP_Woertz_flat cable_halogen-free
897 – 232
897 – 252
897 – 262
897 – 1052
897 – 1652
Additional performance declarations upon request
Additional performance declarations upon request

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