Efficient Energy Management

Efficiency is That Easy!

Regardless of the maturity of your energy management system, a good system adapts to your requirements and provides new insights into potential savings at every level within your operations.

WAGO offers versatile solutions for both your department and your company’s comprehensive energy management plan. No matter what your goal is – from merely meeting legal obligations to reducing energy costs – we can support you in making the most of your operation's potential. This help spans from monitoring to the identification of suitable measures.

Modular Energy Data Collection

The Right Solution for Every Step

The best energy management solution is the one that adapts to you. WAGO offers you several possibilities for this. With our energy management system, you can save a great deal of energy in production, industrial processes and buildings.


Process Optimization via the Cloud

More and more companies are using the computer cloud to visualize and archive their energy and process data. Or, they employ artificial cloud intelligence to develop efficient new operation and maintenance strategies based on these values. Cybersecurity is always present in these trends.

Standards and Laws

The Auditors Are Getting Stricter

As of October 2017, new standards for energy management systems are in force for the ISO 50000 standard series. Companies should document more precisely how they improve their energy efficiency. We can explain to you how to meet the requirements – and deliver the solutions to do so.


Video Clips

Video Clips

Why Is Energy Management Important to You?

Patrick Paschke H&R Ölwerke Schindler, Hamburg

“I am responsible for optimizing energy management in every sector of the oil refinery, from process technology up to the building itself. At the moment, we have a few new construction projects and retrofits in the queue; it would be logical to set up an intelligent energy data recording system right at the start. We are already using WAGO's couplers, and I would like to learn about other products that would make sense with our plans.”


Volker Schaelicke, Schaelicke E-Service, Rellingen

“We primarily serve small and medium-sized companies in the electrical engineering, installation and IT industries. It is important for us to know what energy data management requirements our customers will soon face so that we can offer them custom solutions.”


Andreas Eyermann, SKM GmbH, Isernhagen

“I am active in the field of plant engineering and building technology. We are currently building a new facility that will be as energy-efficient as possible. We would like to use components from WAGO for the energy management system. WAGO also supports us in project planning.”


Manfred Meyer, Stadtwerke Rotenburg (Wümme), Rotenburg (Wümme)

“As the head technician at the municipal swimming pool, energy efficiency is important. Potential savings are particularly interesting, as are new trends in the areas of measurement and control technology. We have already automated lighting control for the swimming pool entries. In the future, I would like to automatically control energy management for the entire building and pool.”


Topics and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Topics and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow


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