Automation Technology

WAGO’s automation technology is versatile, offers open standards, simplifies your production process and building applications and offers an all-encompassing product selection. Find solutions from software, HMI devices and control technology through fieldbus-independent I/O systems – all the way to switches and sensor/actuator boxes.

Flexibility and freedom in planning are the major advantages of modular and fieldbus-independent devices used for decentralized automation. In 1995, WAGO broke ground when it introduced a fieldbus system in the automation sector in which fieldbus nodes could be precisely matched to fit a specific application based on the building block principle. Since then, we have continued to expand and further develop this system with modern control technology and displays.

Your benefits with WAGO Automation Technology:

  • Integrated communication from controller to sensors and actuators through support of the most popular fieldbuses and ETHERNET standards
  • Quick start-up times thanks to modular concepts and application of established standards
  • Thanks to international approvals, guaranteed worldwide use even under the harshest operating conditions
  • Robust, maintenance-free, safe and reliable
  • Over 20 years’ experience in automation
  • Superior service and support

Product Categories

Automation Technology Variety

WAGO offers modern machines, systems and building technology future-ready solutions for all requirements, including automation technology products perfectly matched to each other. This wide range includes software components, operating and monitoring products, control technology solutions, I/O systems, as well as switches and sensor/actuator boxes.



Automate machines, systems and buildings more efficiently. WAGO's software solutions make this possible, guaranteeing you the integration of open standards.


Touch Panels and Displays

Design and technology for safely and conveniently operating machines and systems: HMI panels from WAGO understand HTML5 and can be programmed in CODESYS.



Any control task, large or small, must be cost-effective. WAGO has the right controller for every task and requirement.


I/O Systems

Whether inside or outside the control cabinet, WAGO's I/O systems provide automation right where you need it – even under harsh conditions.


Industrial Switches

Redundant, stable network solutions that are also economical: With switches from WAGO, reliable data distributors are ready for your machines and systems.


Sensor and Actuator Boxes

True plug-and-play: Fully encapsulated housing complies with the IP67 protection standard. WAGO's IP67 sensor/actuator boxes are economical and also work outside control cabinets.

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Automation Technology Topics and News

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17 October 2018

WAGO Field-Side Power Supply Filters and Power Supply Filters with Integrated Ground Diagnostics for Equipment and Systems with Insulation Monitoring

Until now, reliably powering a fieldbus node was the sole function for both WAGO's field-side power supply filters and power supply filters. However, two new variants now offer integrated ground diagnostics as well. And these models go beyond merely protecting the system against high-energy disturbances on DC supply lines, such as those caused by switching overvoltages or inductive loads, and the field supply against transient overvoltages.

16 October 2018

New Features of the WAGO Series 750 Modbus
TCP/UDP Fieldbus Coupler

Re-engineered to offer even greater performance, WAGO has updated its industry-proven Modbus TCP Fieldbus Coupler with a host of new capabilities. However, one thing has stayed the same: Just like the previous 750-352 model, the new 750-362 Coupler reliably connects the comprehensive 750 Series WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM with the widely used Modbus® fieldbus protocol. Connecting a coupler to I/O modules is simple because the coupler detects all of the connected I/O modules and creates a local process image from them. And detection even works flawlessly with a mixed structure of different analog and digital input/output modules.

16 October 2018

Get It All at a Glance – with the WAGO Cloud

A new version of the WAGO Cloud launches with a greater emphasis on usability. In addition to tried-and-trusted functions such as controller status management and dashboards, WAGO focused on developing a modern, clear design in the app’s structure, as well as other functions such as remote access. With its cloud, WAGO offers a simple and intuitive solution for centrally managing machine data.

16 October 2018

International Energy Management

WAGO has internationalized its 3-Phase Power Measurement Modules to give system and machine operators worldwide access to the data they need to address the ever-increasing scrutiny of energy consumption. Initially launched for the European market, WAGO’s I/O modules can now also be used globally in virtually any network, including major networks used in the U.S. and Japan.

15 October 2018

Seamless Information Flow for Optimal Networking

WAGO diversifies its product range with a new controller in the PFC200 G2 family that excels at networking. The controller is equipped with additional connection options: four RJ-45 interfaces, a Sub-D for CAN and a USB connection.

15 October 2018

High-Performance Networks

WAGO Industrial Managed Switches for Energy Suppliers

WAGO adds two new switches that are tailored to substation automation to its growing product range.