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With three architectures to choose from, you can select the best strategy for your application.

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The free online configuration tool allows for seamless progression of a project through planning, documenting, assembling and labeling.

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WAGO 221
L-BOXX® Mini

Splicing Connector Sets
4mm2 or Combi 4mm2 & 6mm2 Versions!

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TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with Lever!

Push-In Technology Available in 3 Variants: Levers, Push-buttons, Operating Slots

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e!Cockpit Starter Kit with PFC100

Everything You Need to get Started With...
IEC 61131-3 Programming/Development
Embedded Programming
Your Next Step with an Industrial IoT Platform

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WAGO RTU With the XTR 750 Series

Telecontrol and Smart Grid Automation
Solutions for DNP3, IEC 61850 & IEC 60870

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The Way to Connect!

WAGO 221: New 6 mm²/10 AWG Connector: Pull the lever up, insert a conductor and push the lever back down – done.

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 Smart Grid Automation

 DNP3, IEC 61850 & IEC 60870

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27 May 2020

Compact and High-Performance – WAGO Power Supply with 30 W in Just 35.5 mm

Packing 30 W of performance, WAGO's Compact Power Supply (787-2850) in a DIN-rail-mount enclosure offers a lot of power in a scant 35.5 mm (1.398"). Thanks to the slim design, it saves around 33% more space in the control cabinet and distribution board than standard power supplies.

27 May 2020

WAGO PCB Terminal Blocks for Power Electronics

WAGO has expanded its line of PCB terminal blocks to help engineers address the trend of electronic miniaturization, which requires that both power and signal levels be integrated onto PCBs. This trend has changed connection technology requirements by increasing power density. leading WAGO to offer its 2606 and 2626 Series PCB Terminal Blocks with 12.5 mm (0.492") pin spacing. Additionally, its 2616 and 2636 Series PCB Terminal Blocks are now available with 15 mm (0.59") pin spacing.

Customer application

A Terminal Block System for All Switchgear Units

JOKIEL GmbH designs and manufactures switchgear units for various sectors. TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks from WAGO are an important component for meeting demands on low throughput times and high quality, qualities for which the family-owned corporation in the Upper Palatinate is known.

Customer application

High Precision in the Aeration Basin

Using WAGO technology, H2Ortner from Passau developed a controller module that gives operators of wastewater treatment plants need-based control of the blowers in their aeration tanks determined by the degree of contamination in the wastewater. This type of control saves electricity, lowers the nitrogen concentration in the discharge and increases operational reliability. Practical experience shows that in many cases, plant operators can recoup the investment through the waiver of the wastewater charge alone.
Customer application

New Monitoring Technology at the Förmitztal Dam

To operate the Förmitztal dam, the Hof water authority measures a variety of water levels, including groundwater, seepage, inflows and outflows. The hydrostatic pressure that loads the dam is also monitored at various points to guarantee the safety of the structure. With help from WAGO, the water authority automated some of the monitoring levels as part of the modernization measures taken in 2013.
9 May 2020

Four New Products for Uninterruptible Power Supply

Dropouts in the control voltage may cause failures and data loss. This drove WAGO to develop its UPS charger/controller, capacitive buffer module and pure lead battery module as four powerful products that reliably stabilize control voltages up to a maximum 40 A.

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