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Interface Electronic

Modern equipment design requires a wide variety of components that can meet diverse challenges: Examples include user- and maintenance-friendliness, low investment costs, safety and availability, and simplicity in design and usage.

Different WAGO Interface Modules with various designs, such as pluggable function and interface modules, narrow relay and optocouplers and modern high-efficiency switch mode power supplies, are ideal for meeting these challenges and ensuring safe isolation of the wiring and function levels.

Product Categories

Interface Electronic Variety

Power Supply Systems

Power supply systems provide your application with a constant supply voltage at all times, safely and efficiently. From exceptionally economical to highly intelligent power supplies with communication, configuration and integrated redundancy features for particularly demanding applications, as well as comprehensive approvals for a wide variety of applications.

Energy Measurement Technology

Our coordinated range of products for current and energy measurement enable seamless documenting of your energy consumption, provide transparency and determine potential savings for what can be significant cost savings. Whether in new or existing systems - our flexible measurement systems, get you up and ready to go in just a few steps.


Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners isolate, amplify, filter and convert their analog signals, guaranteeing interference-free signal transmission. Thanks to a comprehensive range of approvals, nothing stands in the way of using these signal conditioners in a wide variety of applications.

Relays and Optocouplers

Whether relays or optocouplers - these versatile models offer the right solution to meet any requirement and can be used in process technology and power engineering, building technology, railway systems and industrial and shipbuilding applications.

System Wiring

WAGO's system wiring solutions allow you to wire individual components of your automation application systematically, quickly and easily. As system and control cabinet solutions become more and more complex, this saves time and money on planning, installation and commissioning..

Protective Devices and Electronics

Ensure optimal protection of your vulnerable equipment with reliable fuses in the event of excessive currents, voltages and incipient ground faults. WAGO's products for protection devices and electronics offer a wide variety of options and a comprehensive range of solutions for greater security and safety in your application.


Component Modules

Whether in rail-mount terminal blocks or on PCBs, basic components such as resistors, diodes or LEDs offer a wide variety of possible applications.
In addition, customer-specific applications can be mapped individually.


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