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Lighting Technology

We connect your light – we have the experience and solutions to help you implement lighting efficiently and effectively.

WAGO Lighting technology

Solutions for your tasks

Put light in the limelight with our connection technology: for example for the installation of technical luminaires, for LED modules or specific solutions, for example for trunking systems.

A Diverse Product Range for Your LED Connections

The right product for all of your LED connections: Experience WAGO’s lighting connection products in action. Whether for terminal blocks for LED modules, drivers or mains connections – with WAGO, you have the right partner at your side!

Products for Your Lights

Discover our lighting connection products now. An example of our lighting connection technology is shown on a recessed ceiling luminaire and a pole-top luminaire. Simply click through to learn more: Whether connectors, PCB terminal blocks for drivers, SMD PCB terminal blocks for LED modules, compact splicing connectors (221 Series) or inline splicing connectors – with WAGO, you can always find the right accessories for your lights.

Recessed Ceiling Luminaire Application

Enter the world of WAGO's lighting connection technology! In this video, we show you the diversity of our lighting product portfolio using the example of a recessed ceiling luminaire. Learn all the details about using our pluggable connectors, inline splicing connectors (221 Series), PCB terminal blocks for drivers, SMD PCB terminal blocks and much more.

Pole-Top Luminaire Application

In this video, we share an application example of our lighting connection technology in an outdoor pole-top luminaire. Discover the diversity of our connection technology and learn how to use it – from the base of the pole to the luminaire itself. This includes our compact splicing connector (221 Series) with lever, along with our PCB and SMD PCB terminal blocks.

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Working with WAGO is based on trust, quality, reliability and innovation.

Anna Maria Haas, Development Engineer, Vossloh-Schwabe Deutschland GmbH

Lighting Management

Why use WAGO?

  • Maximize every potential for savings! With proper lighting management, you can reduce your energy consumption for lighting by up to 70%.
  • Applications: office buildings, production facilities, logistics centers
  • Fast lighting implementations via PFC200 Controller and DALI protocol
  • Easy configuration and commissioning via standard Web browser
  • Easy to operate and control

New Products

Secure Pluggable Connections Easily

Secure Attachment with the WAGO WINSTA® Mounting Carrier for Flying Leads

With the new mounting carrier for the 770 and 771 Series, WAGO has the perfect solution to reliably secure flying leads. The WINSTA® Mounting Carrier for 2- to 5-pole flying leads secures attachments and simplifies connector removal. Use screws up to M5 or tools for direct installation with a standard mount to secure the adapter to panels. The adapter can also be fitted to cable trays and ducts.

The Benefits for You:

  • Fixed-position installation of the plug-in connection
  • Reduced vibrations for the plug-in connection
  • No damage to connector components and cables
  • Quick installation and easy replacement of the pre-assembled cables

Item Number: 770-310