Open Automation with WAGO

Future-Proof Positioning with Open Automation

Digitization and automation offer companies across all industries a great opportunity to position themselves for the future. Whether for building technology, power engineering or industrial automation – the goal is to comprehensively network the entire value chain beyond the boundaries of your own company.

With a broad portfolio of different products and solutions based on open standards, incorporating both new technologies and security considerations, our automation platform represents a “marketplace of opportunities.” With consistent openness at all levels,
we offer maximum flexibility.

Regardless of how your vision of the factory of the future looks – we are open to it! We work with you to find simple automation solutions to the challenges
of today and tomorrow.

OPEN. To Simplify Security.

Our open automation platform offers the best possible protection for your automation processes.

OPEN. For Seamless Connections.

We follow manufacturer-independent standards that adapt to developers’ individual needs.

OPEN. To the Code of Your Choice.

“Automation meets IT” – connect the different domains of modern engineering.

OPEN. To the Industrial IoT.

WAGO Automation is open – for easy connection to the world of Industrial IoT (IIoT).

OPEN. For Strong Partnerships.

Openness and strong partnerships create new freedom – because co-creation and communication are the only way to develop long-term solutions together.