Process Engineering

Innovative Solutions for Operators and Planners

Process Data Collection and System Networking

Why use WAGO?

  • Perfectly customized solutions: Whether it is incorporating existing assets or for solutions integrated into the system/machine control
  • Support for various machine networking protocols (e.g., OPC UA, MTConnect, MQTT, WS Food)
  • Secure cloud integration, thanks to comprehensive IT security measures

If only we knew what we knew! Light the darkness and streamline your processes. Whether local or in the cloud – select from an extensive tool kit of the world’s leading standards and protocols to develop the optimal solution for your application together with us. Keep your knowledge in view, whether for your energy management, preventive maintenance or efficiency analysis of your systems and machines.

Field Device Integration

Why use WAGO?

  • Adaptable concepts for incorporation of sensors and actuators
  • Manufacturer-independent networking of subsystems
  • Wireless solutions for remote equipment
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® – the maintenance-free connection for your junction boxes
  • PLC for use in Zone 2
  • DIMA – The Solution for Automating Modular Systems

Since we were founded in 1951, we have focused on developing innovative products. Starting with the maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP® connection technology guaranteeing high system availability and continuing to DIMA, the pioneering solution for automating modular systems. WAGO provides support for finding solutions and meeting the challenges of the future together with you.

Control System Connection

Why use WAGO?

  • Extensive integration experience with a wide variety of PLT systems
  • Extensive product line from RIO to prefabricated wiring
  • Highly compact terminal blocks for matrix patching/19″ matrix patchboards
  • Wide range of components to provide optimum shielding for your process control level

Topics and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

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Customer application

High Precision in the Aeration Basin

Using WAGO technology, H2Ortner from Passau developed a controller module that gives operators of wastewater treatment plants need-based control of the blowers in their aeration tanks determined by the degree of contamination in the wastewater. This type of control saves electricity, lowers the nitrogen concentration in the discharge and increases operational reliability. Practical experience shows that in many cases, plant operators can recoup the investment through the waiver of the wastewater charge alone.
Customer application

New Monitoring Technology at the Förmitztal Dam

To operate the Förmitztal dam, the Hof water authority measures a variety of water levels, including groundwater, seepage, inflows and outflows. The hydrostatic pressure that loads the dam is also monitored at various points to guarantee the safety of the structure. With help from WAGO, the water authority automated some of the monitoring levels as part of the modernization measures taken in 2013.
5 December 2019
Customer application

5 December 2019
Customer application

30 October 2018
Customer application

Stadtbetrieb Bornheim Relies on a Standardized Measurement System from WAGO and NIVUS

The project, described by those in charge of it as a “mammoth task,” began with the first station, the booster station on Coloniastraße: At the end of 2017, Stadtbetrieb Bornheim began updating the central monitoring and logging system of its own wastewater plant and the waterworks it runs. In the process, it relied on standardized technology developed by WAGO and NIVUS, which plays the role of a maintenance-free IoT gateway in the substations: More than 40 stations are connected to the control center with the PFC200-based NivuLink Control. The centrally installed controller not only controls the processes, but also monitors the system at the same time. According to the empirical values collected so far, the data flow is running smoothly.

5 October 2018

Standardized Pump Control Reduces Engineering Time

During the design of pump stations for wastewater treatment, the top priority is to equip the pumps with sufficient output. This is the only way for them to transport the wastewater as reliably as gravity would on a gradient. Despite the advances offered by technology over the decades, nothing has altered this core task.


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