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WINSTA® MIDI Artikelnummer 770-310

Bevestigingsadapter; 2- tot 5-polig; voor "vliegende verbindingen"; zwart

Artikelnummer 770-310
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Mounting accessories WINSTA® MIDI

Choose proven accuracy for the installation for the implementation of your project: The mounting accessories from the WINSTA® MIDI product line. A comprehensive range of accessories complements the WINSTA® product line from WAGO. WINSTA® MIDI with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology is used in a broad range of individual products you can use for quick, easy, flexible, and secure installation.

Push-in CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure connection technology – pluggable installation instead of laborious screw connections!

The WINSTA® Pluggable Connection System is perfectly tailored to the very strict requirements of building installation. It makes electrical installation pluggable, and consequently faster, more reliable, and error-free. Using this pre-assembled system reduces assembly times and errors during installation at the construction site. Choose quality and durability – the WINSTA® MIDI accessory from WAGO makes the installation of electrical components visibly easier.

  • for automation controllers
  • convenient installation and commissioning