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3 december 2019

De controller PFC200 van WAGO met nieuwe EtherCAT® Master functie

Door een veelvoud van nieuwe functies heeft WAGO het toepassingsbereik van de tweede generatie PFC-controllers PFC200 aanzienlijk vergroot. De nieuwe apparaten zijn fundamenteel herzien en de functieomvang ervan werd uitgebreid.


WAGO Lighting Management – Advancing Large-Scale Lighting

Large rooms, such as production facilities and warehouses, place high demands for lighting that is not only efficient and user-friendly but caters to occupants’ well-being. To address this industry-wide need, WAGO Lighting Management combines predefined hardware components with user-friendly software. Taking an innovative approach to usability, the system’s standard Web browser provides the flexibility that allows users to fine-tune lighting to any application. On top of this, several new features give users the ability to plan and implement sophisticated lighting solutions with unprecedented ease.

22 maart 2019

New Slimline N-Conductor and Power Distribution Disconnect Terminal Blocks

WAGO's TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Block family now includes two new 1-conductor variants: A blue N-disconnect terminal block and a gray power distribution disconnect terminal block for 10 mm2 (8 AWG) conductors. These new compact models are designed for infeed/tap-off applications via (10 x 3) mm busbars.

22 maart 2019

WAGO's Professional Tools for Electrical Interconnections

Strip, crimp and measure: For every building installation and control cabinet, professionals need tools they can always trust – even in critical applications. WAGO's new tools bring additional functionality and superior ergonomics to industry-proven cable strippers, crimpers and testers.

14 maart 2019

PROFINET Managed Switches for Industrial Automation

Three new PROFINET Switches join WAGO's line of industrial switches. Stemming from WAGO’s decades of industrial expertise and backed by the PROFINET CC-B certificate, these new switches can be reliably used in PROFINET networks. They offer both simple integration via device description files and optional cyclic diagnostics via PROFINET. Furthermore, the WAGO PROFINET Switches support the SNMP protocol, provide port speeds of 100 or 1000 Mbit/s and comply with the UL-61010 standard.

7 maart 2019

Perfect Foundation for Smart Buildings
Controller PFC200 BACnet/IP

Packing a standardized MQTT interface, the Linux® operating system and user-friendly e!COCKPIT Engineering Software, a new BACnet/IP Controller joins WAGO's PFC200 family. This combination of features makes the controller ideal for smart building applications while meeting modern building automation requirements.

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