BACnet: Controle predial independente do fabricante

“Automação predial e redes de controle” (BACnet) é um protocolo de transferência de dados para a automação e controle predial O BACnet simplifica a comunicação entre produtos de diferentes fabricantes dentro da automação predial.

Resumindo o BACnet:

  • Standardized data exchange for building automation
  • Uniform communication on the management, automation and field level
  • Cross-system integration of devices of different building control systems, e.g., elevator surveillance, access control, power supply or radio applications

Productos BACnet de WAGO


BACnet MS/TP Controller (750-829)

In addition to BACnet/IP, the standard also defines BACnet communication via 2-wire connections (BACnet MS/TP). BACnet MS/TP is often used in projects with HVAC applications. For this reason, the 750-829 Controller has been added to the existing WAGO portfolio. It offers the same BACnet functions as the 750-831 Controller in conjunction with a BACnet MS/TP interface. Together with the controller and the 750 Series I/O Modules, you can easily integrate standard I/O signals (DI, DO, AI, AO) in existing BACnet MS/TP networks, as well as technologies such as DALI, KNX, EnOcean or LON®. The controller can be programmed as usual, allowing you to easily simulate complex controllers.


  • Freely programmable control unit
  • Device profile: BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)
  • Highly modular I/O level
  • Integrated Webserver via service interface (ETHERNET)
  • Easy startup via WAGO BACnet Configurator

BACnet Configurator

WAGO's BACnet Configurator is a stand-alone application for commissioning, configuring and managing BACnet projects. The software allows you to easily commission controllers in a heterogeneous BACnet network. The configuration interface, for example, allows you to create the logical network structure, controller addressing or client and server configuration.

In addition, a value browser allows you to quickly query the properties of individual BACnet objects and provides an interface to change the current values. The software also offers configuration options and a snapshot function for controllers of other manufacturers.

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