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Explosion Protection for Humans and Machines

The topic of explosion protection originated in mining. Mixtures of methane and air that arise in coal mining and are explosive in a certain ratio were handled with controlled explosions until the second half of the century. But how does it work now?

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Extremely Reliable Even Under Extreme Conditions

Whether encased in ice, surrounded by desert or on the high seas, components at pumping stations for oil and gas production must endure the harshest conditions for decades at a time. The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR has been specially designed for these environments.


WAGO at Work

Topics and Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

Explosion Protection Products

Our flexible explosion protection product line can be combined safely, economically and in a size tailored to your application – and it does so with a uniform system covering everything from non-Ex areas to Ex areas and in overall production. WAGO also offers exactly what planners and system integrators want for special solutions.