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News September 27, 2022
Mini Terminal Block – A Real Space Genius

At a Glance

  • Nominal cross-section: 24 -16 AWG / 22-12 AWG
    Rated Current: 10A UL / 20 A UL
    Rated Voltage: 300V UL / 600V UL

  • Various mounting options

  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination


Two Sizes for All Conductor Types

Smaller Version - 2050 & 2250 Series

  • Solid or fine-stranded - 24-16 AWG
  • Fine-stranded with ferrule - 24-18 AWG

Larger Version - 2052 & 2252 Series

  • Solid or fine-stranded - 22-12 AWG
  • Fine-stranded with ferrule - 22-14 AWG

Push-in CAGE CLAMP® on all versions if solid or fine-stranded with ferrule


24-16 AWG (2250-1201) / 22-12 AWG (2252-1201)

Mounting Options

WAGO's Mini Terminal Blocks offer several mounting options for exceptional flexibility. They can be mounted directly on a 15 x 5.5 mm DIN-rail or on a mounting plate with a flange or snap-in mounting foot.

Select your mounting option:

DIN-15 Rail Mounting

  • With an operating slot or push-button
  • Ground (direct) contact

Mounting Plate via Snap-In Mounting Foot

  • With an operating slot or push-button
  • Mounting plate width: 0.6 mm (min.) / 1.2 mm (max.)

Mounting Plate via Mounting Flange

  • With an operating slot or push-button
  • Mounting via M4 screw

Actuation Types

WAGO's Mini Terminal Blocks are available with two actuation types: Terminal blocks with push-buttons or operating slots–either type allows direct termination via Push-in CAGE CLAMP® connections.



  • Use of any standard hand tool.
  • The orange color highlights the actuator, giving users a clear overview at a glance.
  • The push-button has become synonymous with convenience, making it the industry’s go-to solution for in-the-field wiring.

Operating Slot

  • The tool stays in the operating slot – both hands are free for wiring.

  • After insertion, the operating tool marks the clamping point and keeps it open.


The WAGO Mini Terminal Block is the smallest version within the TOPJOB® S portfolio. And because they're part of the family, all of the industry-trusted TOPJOB® S accessories are also compatible with the Mini Terminal Blocks:

  • Range of jumpers: The standard TOPJOB® S Jumpers can be used. For example, use the pre-assembled jumpers for a wye connection (2000-405/011-000) or a delta connection (2000-406/011-000).
  • Marking strip: WAGO’s continuous marking strip enables time- and cost-saving marking – up to three lines at once.


Device connection in building technology – exterior unit of an air conditioning system

So small and yet so large – the generous marking surface of the TOPJOB® S Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks enables a quick overview even in compact aggregates.


Device connection in the control cabinet

Smaller fits better – with their compact design, WAGO's TOPJOB® S Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are ideal for device connection in control cabinets.



Save time and reduce your costs by printing markings directly from WAGO's Smart Designer Configurator on the economical Thermal Transfer Smart Printer. Configured terminal strips can be printed with just a few mouse clicks.


Designing with WAGO Configurator Smart Designer

Always available, always up-to-date: Configure individual terminal block assemblies with WAGO’s Smart Designer Online Configurator, the software for WAGO's electrical interconnection and automation products. The configurator gives you access to projects at any time and from anywhere in the world – no installation required.


CAD Design

Simulating installation space and planning drill holes with existing CAD data: WAGO offers an extensive product portfolio of downloadable items. From here, WAGO CAD product data can be transferred quickly and easily into your design.


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