Pioneering Communication

The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 – More Knowledge Means Greater Control

Stay in the Picture

Real-time information is essential in order to assess situations in real time and respond deliberately. The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 has everything you need for that.

Easy and direct – the LED bar chart on the front provides a reliable indication of the current output power, as well as overloads and load reserves. Furthermore, the LEDs indicate the selected operating mode and, if worst comes to worst, warnings or errors as a code.

Ready for Industry 4.0 – do you want to gather data and get status information on the connected equipment? No problem! You can connect a communication module to the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 at any time to get everything you need.

Software for hardware – customize the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 precisely to your needs. For example, monitor the output voltage or parameterize the DO signaling of the power supply.

WAGO Power Supply Pro 2

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