Consistently Sustainable

The WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 – Efficiency Squared!

Resource-Efficient Energy Use

Small but powerful: The difference lies in the details. We can demonstrate with a small example: The typical efficiency of a simple power supply with nominal power of 960 W is 91%. With the Pro 2 Power Supply, the efficiency is 96%.

At first glance, this five percent doesn’t seem like much, but it makes all the difference: The superior efficiency of the Pro 2 Power Supplies eliminates 55 W of power loss. Calculated with respect to an operating time of five years, this means savings of 198 euros on energy costs and one metric ton of CO2 at the same time.

For comparison: A 80-year-old beech tree standing 75 feet (23 m) tall can store one metric ton of CO2 – so with several hundred power supplies in a production line, that would be a whole forest. As you can see, a small difference but a big effect!

At a Glance

  • High efficiency - With up to 96.3% efficiency, it offers outstanding energy savings that pay off not only on the financial report, but also in the life cycle assessment.

  • Less heat - The entire control cabinet needs less cooling: That protects material, reduces maintenance, and saves time and money in the long run thanks to a long service life and low resource consumption.

WAGO Power Supply Pro 2

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The Power of Possible

Our answer to stricter requirements is WAGO's Pro 2 Power Supply – as the heart of the control cabinet, it solves the challenges of today and tomorrow – we call this the power of possible!

Intelligent Load Management

TopBoost, PowerBoost and configurable overload behavior – WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply protects your equipment with intelligent current and switching modes. 150% PowerBoost and up to 600% TopBoost are available for reliable and fail-safe system availability.


Extreme Reliability

Tough and intelligent: WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supply is ready to take on heat, cold and altitude, as well as impacts and vibration – all while supplying maximum power.