Product Configurators and Finders

Find, configure and manage components – with digital services from WAGO.

Our versatile configurators and product finders make selecting, commissioning and configuring WAGO products especially convenient. Our digital services are used for control cabinet components, PCB terminal blocks and pluggable connectors, installation connectors and accessories, interface electronics and automation. Examples include DALI networks, SMI modules, BACnet® applications, telecontrol technology and IO-Link masters.

Find and Select

Our product finders help you select the right components for your application – whether installation connectors, Gelboxes, building distribution boards, pluggable PCB connectors, power supplies, electronic circuit breakers or accessories such as marking media, as well as the right interface modules and system wiring.

Product Finder for Distribution Boards in Buildings

Easily Plan Installations for Distribution Boards in Buildings

  • Define parameters online with just a few clicks.
  • Receive a preselected assortment of terminal blocks for distribution boards in buildings.
  • Transfer and order configurations via interface to the WAGO Configurator Smart Designer.

Product Finder for Installation Connectors and Accessories

Find Accessories for Installation Connectors

  • Find the right product bundle for installation connectors easily.
  • The product finder makes selecting mounting adapters and heating circuit distribution boxes easier.
  • Enter your requirements in the guided search and receive a proposal.

Product Finder for Pluggable PCB Connectors (MCS)

Determine the Right PCB Connector

  • Identify the correct pluggable device connection.
  • A guided dialog queries application requirements.
  • The product finder for pluggable PCB connectors recommends suitable item combinations.

Product Finder for Marking Media

Product Finder for Marking Media

  • Find the right marking media quickly and easily.
  • Define individual parameters and obtain suitable suggestions for the media.

Product Finder for Gelboxes

The Right Gelbox for Installation Connectors

  • The WAGO Gelbox protects installation connectors from moisture.
  • The entire system, consisting of a Gelbox and a WAGO Splicing Connector, is IPX8-certified.
  • A guided search leads to the right product.

Product Finder for Power Supplies and Electronic Circuit Breakers

Easily Identify Suitable Power Supplies and Electronic Circuit Breakers

  • Find the right product for every application
  • Guided dialog for simple searching
  • Wide variety of power supplies, electronic circuit breakers and other products

Configuring and Customizing

Do you want to configure and customize your application quickly and easily? Our free online tools and software, like the WAGO Configurator Smart Designer, the WAGO Energy Meter Configurator App and the WAGO Interface Configuration Software, help you do this.

WAGO Configurator Smart Designer

Configuring Switchgear Systems Online for Free with the WAGO Configurator Smart Designer

  • Get a 3D view of ready-made configurators
  • Data interfaces to CAE tools, e.g., EPLAN, WSCAD, ZUKEN E³ or Strieplan
  • PDF documentation to guide installation

WAGO Configurator Smart Designer for PCB Terminal Blocks & Connectors

Easily Configure PCB Terminal Blocks and Connectors in the WAGO Configurator Smart Designer

  • Customize PCB terminal blocks and connectors.
  • Preselect and configure products.
  • Add custom marking.

WAGO Energy Meter Configurator

Intuitive Configuration with the WAGO Energy Meter Configurator

  • Quickly and easily configure energy meters
  • Read, save and send measurement data
  • Simply download the free app

WAGO Interface Configuration Software

WAGO Interface Configurator

  • Local or remote configuration for individually adapting to the respective application
  • The simulation function allows you to discover all the features of the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2 without connecting a device
  • Simulating the input and output parameters of WAGO's signal conditioners and isolating amplifiers

Commissioning and Parameterization

Commissioning your application is particularly convenient with our configurators for DALI networks, SMI drives, BACnet controllers, telecontrol technology and I/O systems. Our free tools also make it easy to manage, control and parameterize.

WAGO DALI Configurator

Easy Commissioning of the DALI Network

  • Commissioning DALI network with the DALI Multi-Master Module (Item No. 753-647)
  • Configuring DALI networks and DALI Multi-Master Modules (Item No. 753-647)
  • Free software for download

WAGO SMI Configurator

WAGO SMI Configurator for Online and Offline Parameterization

  • Easier commissioning and configuration of SMI drives
  • Easy parameterization of WAGO SMI Master Modules
  • Direct control of SMI drives with online mode

BACnet® Configurator

Convenient Management of BACnet® Controllers

  • Commission and manage BACnet® Controllers and PFC200 BACnet/IP
  • Create and configure BACnet® Controllers
  • Exchange data between IEC applications and BACnet® objects

WAGO IO-Link Configurator

WAGO IO-Link Master for Pioneering Communication

  • With IO-Link , intelligently set up machines and systems
  • Configurator for configuration, parameterization, operation and monitoring
  • For WAGO IO-Link Master in the WAGO I/O System 750, WAGO I/O System Field and connected WAGO IO-Link devices
MM-17130_GWA_IO-Link Konfigurator_noLogo_2000x1125.jpg

WAGO Telecontrol Configurator

Managing Controllers with the WAGO Telecontrol Configurator

  • Commission and configure the WAGO controller for telecontrol technology
  • Configurator for communication between WAGO I/O System's controllers and a DNP3/IEC 60870-5-101/-104 control system
  • Send data from digital and analog input modules and 3-phase power measurement modules to the control system