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Process Engineering: Opportunities through Modularization

MTP in Process Automation: Now Integrate Small Systems!

In the chemical and pharmaceuticals industries, modular production technology design clears the way to quick production plant changeover, to adapt capacity to predominating sales conditions and to bring new developments to market more quickly. Until now, modularity did not reach the automation level of this concept. The more quickly and easily system hardware components could be combined, the more time was consumed by reprogramming on the process management level. With the “Module Type Package” (MTP), WAGO has now found a way to network system components more quickly and with less error – straight through to the standardized visualization.

MTP: Faster Process

A process system is not an end in itself. Essentially, then, how it is constructed is irrelevant compared to how well it accomplishes its task. Of course this is rather academic; yet it leads to the conclusion that each component in a process system must provide a necessary service and do so with reliability. When seen holistically, how the job is accomplished is immaterial. For example, if a chemical plant is constructed modularly, it does not matter how a module is automated; instead, it is only important which service is offered and under what dominant framework conditions. If such modules are equipped with an MTP – the “Module Type Package” – the way is open to intercommunication on the process level without having to intervene in the module control or to bear the expense of time for integrating it at the process management level. Similar to the printer driver from office IT, the MTP describes the module with all parameters, interfaces and visualization details as a type of container. These means the modules – regardless of manufacturer – are perfectly equipped for assembly into an overall system without the chore of integration.

Better Data and More Information for the Control Level

The more information provided to the process management level, the better can it function – and the easier the process system can be monitored, maintained and most importantly, optimized, on the technological level. Yet until now, the variety of this data was restricted by the effort involved in integration on the control level. Each additional signal costs money and inevitably leads to economic trade-offs in projects. Is integration actually worthwhile? In contrast, if the system components are equipped with an MTP, the entire range of information from a module is directly received at the process management level. This eliminates the question of how high each individual aspect of the savings and optimization potential is – now, even the smallest improvements pay off.

Your Benefits:

  • Build production systems with greater flexibility.

  • Create scalable capacities.

  • Cut product to market time.

  • Save time with modularization.

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