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Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks – a Real Wizard at Saving Space

The WAGO Miniature Rail-Mount Termnal Blocks TOPJOB® S with operating slots or push-buttons feature a compact design, making them ideal for connections in the cramped terminal boxes of motors or pumps, for example.

The compact design of the TOPJOB® S Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks makes them especially suitable for connections inside the cramped terminal boxes of motors or pumps, for example.

At a Glance:

  • Nominal cross-section: 1 (1.5) mm² | 2.5 (4) mm²,
    Rated current: 13.5 (17.5) A | 24 (32) A
    Rated voltage: 500 V | 800 V IEC
  • Custom mounting options
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination

Product Overview

Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks in Use

Device Connection in Building Technology – the Outdoor Unit of a Split Air-Conditioning System

Small components, big marking – the ample marking surface of the TOPJOB® S Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks provides clear organization quickly in compact subsystems.

Device Connection in Control Cabinets

A smaller size means a better fit – TOPJOB® S Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer a compact design for device connection in control cabinets.


Convenient Connection with a Compact Design

With lengths of 33 mm (nominal cross-section: 1 mm²) and 36.5 mm (nominal cross-section: 2.5 mm²), the new Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are very compact, making connection especially convenient in the cramped terminal boxes of motors or pumps, for example.

2.5 mm² Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are 25 % shorter than standard TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks (e.g., 2252-1201 to 2202-1201).

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1 mm² (2250-1201 ) 2.5 mm² (2252-1201)

Mounting Variants for Every Application

WAGO’s Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks offer several mounting options for exceptional flexibility. They can be mounted directly on a 15 x 5.5 mm (0.5 x 0.27 in.) DIN-15 rail or on a mounting plate with a flange or snap-in mounting foot.

Push-in CAGE CLAMP® Actuation Variants

WAGO’s Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are available with two actuation types: push-buttons or operating slots. Both types allow Push-in CAGE CLAMP® termination.

Advantages of push-buttons:

  • Use any standard operating tool.
  • The orange color highlights the actuator, giving users a clear overview at a glance.
  • The push-button has become synonymous with convenience, making it the industry’s go-to solution for in-the-field wiring.

Advantages of operating slots:

  • The tool remains in the operating slot – both hands are free for wiring.
  • After insertion, the operating tool marks the clamping point and keeps it open.

A Comprehensive Range of Accessories

The WAGO Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Block is the smallest version in the TOPJOB® S portfolio. Since it’s part of the same portfolio, the industry-trusted TOPJOB® S accessories are also compatible with the Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks:

  • Range of jumpers: The standard TOPJOB® S Jumpers can be used. For example, use the pre-assembled jumpers for a star connection (2000-405/011-000) or a delta connection (2000-406/020-000).
  • Marking strips: Using WAGO’s continuous marking strips saves time and money – mark up to three lines at once.

Miniature Rail-Mount Terminal Block Wizard

  • Easy configuration of busbar terminal blocks
  • Selection of rating data, mounting and actuation type, pole number and color to come
  • Automatic busbar terminal block setup with WAGO Smart Designer configurator

Compact Data Download

  • Comprehensive item data in one place
  • Compile and download complete configuration data package in ZIP archive
  • CAD, CAE data and other formats to come

Marking Wizard 2.0

  • Now even more clearly organized thanks to placement in sidebar
  • Faster project planning through automatic material selection
  • Detection of N/ground terminal blocks with automatic marking

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