Energy Data Management

3 November 2023
Parameter Setting – Not Programming

WAGO Energy Data Management – consisting of a software solution combined with a modular control system – records measurement data from different media and variables for energy monitoring. It then processes them for further analysis, archiving and reporting. The software automatically detects different signals from the connected meters and sensors, making them available to additional energy analysis tools via simple parameter settings.

Another benefit: WAGO Energy Data Management is eligible for funding from the “Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings” subsidy of the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).

Our Modular System – the Basis for Your Savings

  • Ready to go in a few easy steps
  • Eligible for subsidy thanks to BAFA listing
  • An open interface – comprehensive connectivity to other systems
  • Energy data monitoring – display energy data and derive energy efficiency measures, regardless of your location and software, with HTML5 Web visualization
  • Integrated cloud connectivity – OpenVPN, IPsec and an integrated firewall protect the transmission channel and the cloud data storage
  • Alerts when limiting values are exceeded – email notification of threshold overruns

WAGO Energy Data Management



EDM Tutorials

Videos: 3 | Duration: 4:36

EDM Tutorials

Videos: 3 | Duration: 4:36

Energy Data Management with WAGO

Energy Data Management with WAGO

Just Five Steps

Your Path to Savings

1. Select the hardware components needed

2. Download the “WAGO Energy Data Management” software and transfer it to the application controller

3. Install the hardware

4. Set the energy data management parameters

5. Connect directly via Modbus TPC/UDP, send CSV files via FTP or FTPS, send data to the cloud


Components for Electrical Energy Measurement

  • Current transformers for connecting electrical installations with different rated currents
  • Components for easily retrofitting existing systems
  • Voltage taps for voltage measurement
  • Combined current and voltage taps for 2-conductor through terminal blocks

A User-Friendly Software Application

  • Easy to associate meter data with specific sensors
  • Convenient data logging to suit your requirements
  • Transparent function check via measurement data visualization
  • Automatic hardware upgrade detection


With this solution, users benefit from maximum flexibility, security and convenience – from extensive connection options for energy meters and systems, to location- and software-independent HTML5 Web visualization, alarms for limit violations and integrated cloud connectivity. Optionally, modern dashboards can be used for clear, traceable, device-independent identification of efficiency gains.

A Customized Overview

Create multiple dashboards simultaneously – with a responsive design.


Different Diagram Types

Calculate your energy metrics or display values – choose line, area, bar or ring charts.


Source Combination

Combine values from different sources into one diagram and make connections visible.


Visible Thresholds

Use reference lines to make violations of upper/lower threshold values visible.


Obtain Exact Values

Trace the line with the cursor. This gives you the exact X and Y values directly.

Easy Configuration and Commissioning

  • Automatic detection of connected I/O modules
  • Transparent, clearly structured configuration pages
  • No programming experience required
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Calculate Energy Metrics

Flexible calculation of energy metrics, using basic arithmetic operations, max./min., rounding, averaging, trigonometric functions and exponential functions

  • Energy efficiency assessment per ISO 50001 possible
  • Alarms when specified limit values are exceeded
  • Well-organized display of the calculated values, including their progression over time, in the form of dashboards
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Data Logging and Visualization

  • Cyclically log data for up to 80 channels
  • Conveniently select data points via data picker
  • Easily export an overview of logged channels to CSV files for documenting measuring points
  • Flexibly adjust memory cycle times
  • Visualize configured data points as line plots or bar charts via data plotter


The PFC200 is the basic platform for the “Energy Data Management” application.


New Products

The Economical Solution for Smaller Projects

Did you know? WAGO Energy Data Management (EDM) is also available on the WAGO Compact Controller 100 (CC 100) hardware platform. Thanks to its design as a DIN-rail built-in installation device per DIN 43880, the Compact Controller 100 can be mounted in small distribution boards. The removable wiring interface simplifies device replacement. In addition, no modules need to be installed, since I/O modules are already integrated. This minimizes wiring effort during installation and commissioning. The CC 100 is thus the economical solution for smaller projects and makes the use of energy management even more economical, space-saving and efficient.

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