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Radio Receiver EnOcean; -

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The 750-642 Module receives radio telegrams from maintenance-free, self-powered and wireless switches/sensors based on EnOcean radio technology.

This module can be operated with any controller within the WAGO I/O System 750. Preprogrammed function blocks make integration easy.

The energy required for switch or sensor operation is produced by converting one type of energy (heat, solar or mechanical energy) into usable electrical energy. The radiated energy from the transmitter modules is approximately one million times smaller than mobile phones. Almost any number of sensors is possible. However, the maximum number is around 100 transmitters per module due to the increasing density of switches/sensors.

Four billion code numbers provide for clear transmitter/receiver assignment. Repeated, time-shifted transmission of the radio telegrams, at very short transmission times, results in a high level of protection against external interference.

The maximum transmission range is 300 meters in open field. Depending on building materials and spatial geometry, the range may be reduced to typically 30 meters (see manual for more information). The LED (RSSI) indicates a sufficient input level.

*Documentation available in German and English.

An SMA socket is used to connect an external antenna to the housing. The external magnetic-mount antenna (758-910) features a 2.5 m long coaxial cable and SMA plug (available as an accessory).

Product details

Technical Data
Radio technology EnOcean
Frequency band 868.3 MHz
Transmission range up to 300 m in open spaces (typ. in buildings, see manual)
Data width 1 x 24-bit input/output (3-byte user data); 1 x 8-bit control/status
Supply voltage (system) DC 5 V; via data contacts
Power consumption (5 V system supply) 80 mA
Isolation 500 V antenna connection/system
Connection data
Connection technology: Antenna 1 x SMA socket
Physical data
Width 24 mm / 0.945 inch
Height 100 mm / 3.937 inch
Depth 72 mm / 2.835 inch
Depth from upper edge of DIN-rail 64.8 mm / 2.551 inch
Mechanical data
Mounting type DIN-35 rail
Material Data
Housing material Polycarbonate, polyamide 6.6
Fire load 2.125 MJ
Weight 86.5 g
Conformity marking CE
Conformity marking RTTE
Environmental Requirements
Surrounding air temperature (operation) 0 … 55 °C
Surrounding air temperature (storage) -40 … 85 °C
Protection type IP20
Pollution degree (5) 2 per IEC 61131-2
Operating altitude 0 … 2000 m
Mounting position horizontal (standing/lying); vertical
Relative humidity (without condensation) 95 %
Vibration resistance 4g per IEC 60068-2-6
Shock resistance 15g per IEC 60068-2-27
EMC immunity to interference per EN 61000-6-2
EMC emission of interference per EN 61000-6-3
Exposure to pollutants Per IEC 60068-2-42 and IEC 60068-2-43
Permissible H2S contaminant concentration at a relative humidity 75 % 10 ppm
Permissible SO2 contaminant concentration at a relative humidity 75 % 25 ppm
Commercial data
Product Group 15 (Remote I/O)
Packaging type BOX
Country of origin DE
GTIN 4045454509583
Customs tariff number 85389099990
Approvals / Certificates
Additional Approval Text
Certificate name
Approval: ATEX
TUEV Nord Cert GmbH
Additional Approval Text EN 60079-0
Certificate name: TÜV 07 ATEX 554086 X en.
Approval: CCCEx
Additional Approval Text CNCA-C23-01
Certificate name: 2020312310000215
Approval: TUEV Nord
TUEV Nord Cert GmbH
Additional Approval Text IEC 60079-0
Certificate name: IECEx TUN 09.0001 X
Approval: UL
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS)
Additional Approval Text UL 121201
Certificate name: E198726 Sec.1
Country specific Approvals
Additional Approval Text
Certificate name
Approval: KC
National Radio Research Agency
Additional Approval Text Article 58-2, Clause 3
Certificate name: MSIP-REM-W43-RFM750
Additional Approval Text
Certificate name
Approval: UL
UL International Netherlands B.V. (ORDINARY LOCATIONS)
Additional Approval Text UL 508
Certificate name: E175199 Sec.1
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2D/3D Models 750-642
CAE data
EPLAN Data Portal 750-642
WSCAD Universe 750-642
ZUKEN Portal 750-642
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Product family
750/753 Series ‒ I/O System