Protective Devices and Electronics

Our protective devices and electronic protection products offer you comprehensive protection against short circuits, ground faults, overloads and overvoltage for vulnerable equipment and systems. Take advantage of our wide range of products to minimize failures and production downtime and ensure optimal protection of your hazardous equipment.

Our compact ECBs save space and offer the best possible protection against short circuits and overloads. With a large number of available configurations and features, as well as a very good price–performance ratio, WAGO offers you the right product, whatever your application.

For incipient ground faults, the ground resistance signaling module per IEC 60204-1 provides greater safety through fully automated preventive maintenance.

In addition, our overvoltage protection products reliably protect electrical equipment and systems against high voltages (e.g., varistor terminal blocks).

Product Overview

Our Protective Devices and Electronics Protection Products

Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs)

Electronic circuit breakers (ECBs) are the compact, precise solution for reliably protecting DC circuits against short circuits and overloads. You benefit from a wide variety of products and an excellent price–performance ratio with the right protection – for your application too!

The Benefits for You:

  • 1-/2-/4-/8-channel electronic circuit breaker with fixed or adjustable current ranges from 0.5 to 10 A
  • High switch-on capacity of more than 50,000 µF
  • Variants with active current limitation
  • Communication interface allows remote monitoring
  • The slim design offers high channel density, saving valuable control cabinet space
  • A comprehensive range of approvals for a wide range of applications

Ground Resistance Signaling Module

Early Ground Fault Detection

With our module, you can ground the control voltages per IEC 60204-1 and provide an option for preventive maintenance.

The Benefits for You:

  • Automated insulation resistance measurement
  • Early detection of potential ground faults
  • Insulation fault indication via LEDs and potential-free contact

Overvoltage protection

With overvoltage protection, electrical equipment and systems can be reliably proteced against high voltage thus ensuring system availability.


  • Protection of the system against overvoltage by using the overvoltage protection modules
  • Space saving thanks to the narrow design
  • Cost savings by preventing downtime
  • High operational safety and system availability by avoiding equipment errors due to over voltage

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