Overvoltage Protection and Specialty Electronics


WAGO’s overvoltage protection and specialty electronics products have many uses.

Interface modules with specialty functions provide safe, error-free signal processing and adaptation.

Our overvoltage protection solutions provide reliable fuse protection against high voltages for electrical equipment and systems (e.g., Varistor terminal blocks).

New Product
Ground Resistance Signaling Module

Early Ground Fault Detection

Increase availability through preventive maintenance.

The Benefits for You:

  • Automated insulation resistance measurement
  • Early detection of potential ground faults
  • Insulation fault indication via LEDs and potential-free contact

Our Overvoltage Protection and Specialty Electronic Products

Overvoltage Protection

With overvoltage protection, electrical equipment and systems can be reliably proteced against high voltage thus ensuring system availability.


  • Protection of the system against overvoltage by using the overvoltage protection modules
  • Space saving thanks to the narrow design
  • Cost savings by preventing downtime
  • High operational safety and system availability by avoiding equipment errors due to over voltage

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