WAGO Power Supply Systems

As the level of automation increases, so do the demands on the reliable supply of voltage and current. WAGO’s innovative and efficient power supply systems offer a wide variety of solutions for virtually any application, from communicative power supplies to power supplies for basic applications. Power supplies are supplemented with system devices such as electronic fuses, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and redundancy modules. The perfectly synchronized devices make up the power supply system.

Your Benefits:

  • Output variants from 5 … 48 VDC and/or 24 … 960 W (1 … 40 A)
  • Globally approved for use in various applications
  • The comprehensive power supply system includes components such as UPS, capacitive buffer modules, ECBs, redundancy modules and DC/DC converters

Product Finder for Power Supplies and Electronic Circuit Breakers

Product Finder: Power Supplies and Electronic Circuit Breakers

Whether for compact applications or automation with special demands – with our product finder for power supplies and electronic circuit breakers, it’s now easy to identify the right selection for your system. Thanks to a guided dialog, you can quickly and easily find within our wide range of power supplies, DC/DC converters, uninterruptible power supplies, electronic circuit breakers, redundancy modules and buffer modules the product that is tailored to your application.

Power Supplies

Power supplies are the core of any automation solution. WAGO offers a broad portfolio of different series and performance classes for virtually any application: The WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply is communication-capable, especially resource-saving and versatile and can be configured for any application with flexibility. Our Eco and Eco 2 products impress with their fast, tool-free connection and excellent price-performance ratio in space-optimized housings. WAGO’s compact power supply in a DIN-rail-mount enclosure is small and very powerful, making it ideal for installation and system distribution boxes, as well as for use in household devices.

Your Benefits:

  • Highly efficient devices with an efficiency of up to 96.3%
  • Numerous approvals for a wide range of applications
  • CAGE CLAMP® connection technology for nearly all devices

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Consisting of a 24 V UPS charger/controller with one or more connected battery modules, WAGO’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) reliably power an application for several hours. Capacitive buffer modules guarantee trouble-free operation of machines or systems even in the event of brief power supply failures.

Your Benefits:

  • Space-saving chargers and controllers
  • Parameterization via integrated interface
  • Push-in connection technology
  • Battery control technology enables predictive maintenance and extended battery life

DC/DC Converter

For use instead of an additional power supply, WAGO’s DC/DC converters are ideal for specialty voltages. For example, they can be used for reliably powering sensors and actuators.

The Benefits for You:

  • WAGO’s DC/DC converters can be used instead of an additional power supply for applications with specialty voltages.
  • Slim design: “True” 6.0 mm (0.23 inch) width maximizes panel space
  • A wide range of surrounding air temperatures
  • Ready for worldwide use in many industries, thanks to UL listing
  • Same profile as 857 and 2857 Series Signal Conditioners and Relays: full commoning of the supply voltage

Redundancy Modules

WAGO’s redundancy modules are ideal for reliably increasing power supply availability. These modules decouple two parallel-connected power supplies and are perfect for applications where an electrical load must be reliably powered even in the event of a power supply failure.

The Benefits for You:

  • Integrated power diodes with an overload capability: suitable for TopBoost or PowerBoost
  • Potential-free contact (optional) for input voltage monitoring
  • Reliable connection via pluggable connectors equipped with CAGE CLAMP® or terminal strips with integrated levers: maintenance-free and time-saving
  • Solutions for 12, 24 and 48 VDC power supply; up to 76 A power supply: suitable for nearly every application

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Discover WAGO’s variety of power supply systems.

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