Press 5 April 2022
WAGO invests at Sondershausen site
EUR 40 million for new central warehouse

  • 40 million investments

  • Completion in 2024

  • Modern high bay warehouse
    on 11,000 m²

Minden, April 06, 2022. WAGO founded its production facility in Sondershausen in 1990. Following the construction of the logistics center in 1999, it has since functioned as WAGO's global shipping hub.

Now, WAGO's ‘Gateway to the World’ in the Hainleite industrial park will see significant additional expansions. The supplier of interconnection and automation technology is investing 40 million euros in a modern high-bay warehouse, which clearly proclaims its support for the facility in Thuringia.

“This location already provides us with an optimal starting point for deliveries within Europe. Our national subsidiaries in 80 other countries are also supplied from Sondershausen,” explains Chief Operation Officer Yannick Weber, who emphasizes that, “it is especially important that we have a fantastic, energetic team, which is constantly expanding and developing. The expertise on site has achieved greater consideration in these times of digitization, and was a major criterion for our decision to invest more in Thuringia.”

Steffen Grimm, mayor of Sondershausen, is happy about the company's plans, and ensured the employees about his full personal support for the intended expansion. “The establishment of the Sondershausen facility visibly ushered in a new chapter in WAGO's history as a company. The construction of the new central warehouse will create new jobs and retain existing ones, yet it also serves as a sign that WAGO foresees a future here for the company, its employees, the region, and for Sondershausen and its people. I received the news that the decision had gone to Sondershausen with great joy and thanks, which I sure that I share with all of the citizens of Sondershausen. The city of Sondershausen stands fully united behind this project.”

WAGO will significantly expand its capacities with the new logistics center. A modern high-bay warehouse with the latest technology, a highly automated picking and storage area and office space for the site are being built on an area of 11,000 m² at the corner of Waldstraße and Am Bahndamm. A bridge will connect it to the existing logistics center.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2022, with commissioning to follow about two years later. WAGO is growing strongly, which is why it is important for us to expand our capacities, but above all to ensure sustainable logistics with a high degree of delivery service. We are thus able to cope with the increasing dynamics of our markets.

Diana Wilhelm, Vice President Corporate Logistics

In addition, as with all WAGO new construction projects, energy efficiency and resource conservation play an important role and aspects such as sustainable building and insulation materials and an efficient energy supply have been integrated into the planning since the start of the construction project.

The focus of the new building is greater digitization and automation of logistics – which will also ensure sustainable, future-proof development of the site. “Of course, this also applies to our production at the location. We likewise rely on the latest technologies here in order to be able to realize our growth in a balanced way and to remain competitive,” according to Weber. In order for this to succeed, there is also a need for qualified skilled workers and junior employees, which the company already seeks, primarily through trainees and apprentices. With more than 1,000 employees on site, WAGO is among the largest employers in northern Thuringia.